Medical Electronics Lab

Parts for Sale
CategoryPart NumberDescriptionPrice
ADAPTER31-28 UG-273/U Amph BNCrecpt-UHFmale (31-28)$26.18
ADAPTERAT-MOUSE DB9M to DB25F adapter$4.32
ADAPTERAT/PS-2 KBD AT keyboard to PS-2 adapter$4.27
ADAPTERBNC/F-RCA/M BNC-F to RCA-M adapter$2.26
ADAPTERBNC/M-RCA/F BNC male to RCA female adapter$1.92
ADAPTERCHB-1021 BNC right angle adapter$4.83
ADAPTERDB15F-F Gender Mender, DB15F Thinline$6.77
ADAPTERDB15HD-F Gender Mender, DB15HD-F (VGA)$7.10
ADAPTERDB15M-M Gender mender DB15M thinline$6.77
ADAPTERDB25 FF gender mender DB25FF$5.14
ADAPTERDB25 MM Gender Mender DB25MM$4.30
ADAPTERDB9-MM, FF DB9 gender mender,thin M/M-F/F$4.05
ADAPTERDB9-PS2 DB9M-mini DIN6M adapter$5.10
ADAPTERDB9F-DB25F DB9F-DB25F adapter$4.32
ADAPTERDB9F-DB25M DB9F-DB25M adapter$4.32
ADAPTERDB9M-DB25M DB9M-DB25M adapter$4.32
ADAPTERPOWER "Y" 3.5" "Y" adapter-large Molex to small$3.54
ADAPTERPOWER "Y" CABLE "Y" adapter for PC power supplies$2.77
ADAPTERPOWER 3" - 5" PC pwr adapter 5" drive to 3"$3.20
ADAPTERPS-2 MOUSE Adapt PC mouse to PS-2 mouse & vice-versa$7.65
ADAPTERRCA-F/3.5MM Y/M 2 RCA-F to mono 3.5mm phone plug, Y adapter$5.33
ADAPTERRCA-F/3.5MM Y/S 2 RCA-F to stereo 3.5mm phone plug, Y adapter$3.54
ADAPTERRCA-F/3.5MM-M RCA-F to mono 3.5mm phone plug adapter$3.42
ADAPTERRCA-M/3.5MM-F RCA-M to mono 3.5mm female inline adapter$4.81
BATT HOLDER138 Keystone al. 2AAA battery holder$3.61
BATT HOLDER139 Keystone battery holder, holds 1 AA$0.00
BATT HOLDER193 Keystone 6 AA battery holder$5.79
BATT HOLDER72K 9V battery clip-fiber$1.01
BATT HOLDERB23 9V holder/slide out tray$5.82
BATT HOLDERB26 dual 9V holder/slide tray$10.20
BATT HOLDERBS12I-HD 9V battery snap w/leads$0.45
BATTERY246 Eveready 9V, large$13.31
BATTERY455 Eveready 45V$29.25
BATTERY467 Eveready 467, 67.5V$48.29
BATTERY504 Eveready 15v$8.82
BATTERY9V-1604 9v Alkaline battery$1.76
BATTERYAA ALKALINE AA alkaline battery$0.44
BATTERYAAA ALKALINE AAA alkaline battery$0.51
BATTERYC ALKALINE C cell battery$0.60
BATTERYCR2032 CR2032 Coin cell-lithium 3V, Duracell$1.24
BATTERYD ALKALINE D alkaline battery$0.98
BEARING608-2ZJ(1L001) Eppendorf centrifuge 5415C bottom bearing$7.37
BOARD169P79WE perf board, Vector 17x8/$0.28
BOARDCOPPER CLAD 1S 19F3217 copper clad bd, per sq. ft$21.57
BOARDUNCLAD FBR GLAS Unclad fiberglass board, per sq. in.$0.17
BOX132839 box 3.5H x 11.75D x 17W$75.19
BOX132855 box 5.2H x 13.5D x 17W$100.75
BOX1591D-BK Hammond Black Plastic box 5.9x1.8x3.14$13.23
BOX1591L-BK Hammond Black Plastic box 3.3 x 2.35 x 1.4$8.35
BOX2417 Pomona 2417, 2.25x1.38x1.38 box$12.72
BOXRMCV190113BK1 Hammond 1U rack enclosure$102.42
BOXRMCV190313BK1 3.5H x 13D vented, rack mount$125.10
BOXRMCV190513BK1 5.24H x 13D,vented,rack mount$140.85
CABLECAT 5-05 FT 5' network cable, straight thru$2.97
CABLECAT 5-10 FT 10' network cable, straight thru$4.81
CABLECAT 5-15 FT 15' network cable, straight thru$6.38
CABLECAT 5-20 FT 20' network cable, straight thru$8.21
CABLECAT 5-25 FT 25' network cable, straight thru$7.36
CABLECD-ROM universal CD-ROM cable$5.61
CABLEDB15 M/M EXT. Reg. DB15 extension M/M$10.22
CABLEIEEE 1284-25FT IBM ptr, bidirectional$22.72
CABLEKEYBOARD EXT-10 IBM PC/AT kbd ext - 10ft.$6.38
CABLEKEYBOARD EXT-6 IBM PC/AT keyboard ext.- 6ft. ..$5.11
CABLEMAC KBD EXT Macintosh KBD/Mouse Ext., 6 ft.$8.51
CABLERCA-F/3.5MM ST 2 RCA-F to stereo 3.5mm phone plug, 12 inches$6.80
CABLERCA/M-3.5MM ST 2 RCA-M to stereo 3.5mm plug, 3ft$7.09
CABLERS232-10-MF 25 pin serial male-fem 10ft$9.87
CABLERS232-10-MM 25 pin serial male-male 10ft$9.87
CABLERS232-15M/F 25 pin serial male-female 15ft.$10.22
CABLERS232-25-M/F 25 pin serial fem-fem 25 ft .$20.43
CABLERS232-25-MM 25 pin serial male-male 25ft .$22.65
CABLERS232-50-M/F DB25 M/F extension cable$35.78
CABLERS232-6-M/F 25 pin serial male-female 6ft.$9.16
CABLERS232-6-MM 25 pin serial male-male 6ft$9.22
CABLESCSI 25P/C50-3 SCSI cable assy for Apple type$15.34
CABLESCSI 25P/C50-6 SCSI cable assy, DB25P to CENT. 50$15.34
CABLESCSI 50CENT-6 SCSI cable assy, 50CentM/50CentM-6$19.17
CABLESCSI II/II 18" SCSI II to SCSI II 18 inches$31.24
CABLEUSB A/A EXT 10' 10' USB extension cable$3.17
CABLEUSB A/A EXT 6FT 6' USB extension cable$2.80
CABLEUSB A/B 10FT 10' USB cable$6.29
CABLEUSB A/B 15FT 15' USB cable 01C2644$7.98
CABLEUSB A/B 3FT 3' USB cable$5.41
CABLEUSB A/B 6FT 6' USB cable$5.27
CABLEVGA 10 M/M VGA cable, 10ft, M/M$4.10
CABLEVGA 6FT M/M VGA cable, 6ft, M/M$4.97
CABLEVGA EXT-10 15 pin HD M/F extension$8.95
CABLEVGA EXT-15 High density VGA 15 pin ext.$12.77
CABLEVGA EXT-25 15 pin HD M/F extension-coax$34.08
CABLEVGA EXT-6 15 pin HD M/F extension$4.81
CABLEVGA EXT-COAX 10 VGA M/M extension-Coax$22.72
CABLEVGA TO RGB 5 Vga DB15HD to RGB coax(5)$30.06
CABLE TIE8409-0353 Cable tie w/tag$0.13
CABLE TIEPLT2M 8" x 0.1" cable tie Panduit$0.06
CABLE TIEVRT-06M-M SPC/Voltrex 4" cable tie$0.03
CAP CERAMIC0.001/100V P4036$0.17
CAP CERAMIC0.0015/100V Y5P, P4187$0.11
CAP CERAMIC0.0022/100V/Y5P Y5P, P4189$0.13
CAP CERAMIC0.0022/100VCK05 Mallory monolithic CK05$0.28
CAP CERAMIC0.0022/3KV Sprague Z5U$0.65
CAP CERAMIC0.0047/6KV Sprague 60GAD47$3.20
CAP CERAMIC0.01/3KV Sprague 30GAS10$1.97
CAP CERAMIC0.01/500V Sprague 5GASS10$0.33
CAP CERAMIC0.02/2KV Sprague Z5U$2.68
CAP CERAMIC0.02/500V $0.51
CAP CERAMIC0.022/50V SB, P4160$0.27
CAP CERAMIC0.047/50V $0.27
CAP CERAMIC0.05/1KV Sprague 10HK350$2.12
CAP CERAMIC0.1/1KV Sprague 10GAP10$3.02
CAP CERAMIC0.1/25V Y5F, replace w/ SR$0.30
CAP CERAMIC0.1/50V/SR Y5U,KCK,RMC, repl w/SR$0.17
CAP CERAMIC0.1/50V/Z5U bypass cap +/-20%$0.31
CAP CERAMIC100PF/100V 100pF/100V ceramic capacitor$0.17
CAP CERAMIC10PF/1KV ceramic capacitor 10pf/1KV$0.13
CAP CERAMIC15PF/500V $0.06
CAP CERAMIC1PF/1KV ceramic capacitor$0.45
CAP CERAMIC2.2PF/1KV ceramic capacitor 2.2pf/1KV$0.38
CAP CERAMIC3.9PF/1KV ceramic capacitor 3.9pf/1KV$0.17
CAP CERAMIC33,39PF/500V GP$0.13
CAP CERAMIC330PF/100V 330 pF/100V ceramic cap$0.07
CAP CERAMIC3PF/1KV ceramic capacitor 3pf, 1KV$0.17
CAP CERAMIC470PF/100V dipped, C09$0.57
CAP CERAMIC470PF/500V $0.18
CAP CERAMIC47PF/500V $0.14
CAP CERAMIC5PF/1KV ceramic capacitor 5pf/1KV$0.36
CAP CERAMIC6.8PF/1KV ceramic capacitor 6.8pf/1KV$0.41
CAP CERAMIC8.2PF/1KV ceramic capacitor 8.2pf/1KV$0.24
CAP MET FILM0.01/50V Metal film$0.28
CAP MET FILM0.22/50V $0.33
CAP MET FILM0.22/63V metal film, box$0.31
CAP MICA1000PF/100V CDE CD15$1.79
CAP MICA1000PF/500V CDE CD19$1.60
CAP MICA100PF/500V $0.98
CAP MICA10PF/500V CDE CD15$0.75
CAP MICA130PF/100V $1.26
CAP MICA150PF/500V CDE CD10$0.81
CAP MICA15PF/500V CDE CD10$0.84
CAP MICA180PF/500V CDE CD10$0.95
CAP MICA200PF/500V CDE CD10$1.05
CAP MICA20PF/500V CDE CD10$0.45
CAP MICA240PF/500V CDE CD10$1.24
CAP MICA24PF/500V CDE CD10$0.64
CAP MICA270PF/300V DM10$0.91
CAP MICA3900PF/500V CDE CD19$4.43
CAP MICA390PF/500V CDE CD15$1.16
CAP MICA39PF/500V CDE CD10$0.74
CAP MICA470PF/500V CDE CD15$1.35
CAP MICA50PF/500V CDE CD10$0.75
CAP MICA5PF/500V CDE CD15$0.85
CAP MICA680PF/300V CDE CD15$1.52
CAP MICA82PF/300V CD5$0.99
CAP TANTALUM0.1/35V tantalum capacitor 0.1uF, 35V$0.31
CAP TANTALUM0.15/35V tantalum capacitor 0.15uF, 35V$0.38
CAP TANTALUM0.22/35V tantalum capacitor 0.22uF. 35V$0.34
CAP TANTALUM0.33/35V tantalum capacitor 0.33uF, 35V$0.27
CAP TANTALUM0.47/50V tantalum capacitor 0.47uF, 50V$0.47
CAP TANTALUM0.68/35V tantalum capacitor 0.68uF, 35V$0.31
CAP TANTALUM1.5/35V tantalum capacitor 1.5uF, 35V$0.40
CAP TANTALUM1/50V tantalum capacitor 1uF, 50V$0.14
CAP TANTALUM10/16V tantalum capacitor 10uF, 16V$1.21
CAP TANTALUM10/25V tantalum capacitor 10uF, 10V$1.28
CAP TANTALUM10/35V tantalum cap 10uF,35V$1.45
CAP TANTALUM10/50V tantalum capacitor 10uF, 50V$7.46
CAP TANTALUM15/16V tantalum capacitor 15uF, 16V$0.99
CAP TANTALUM15/35V tantalum capacitor15uF, 35V$2.41
CAP TANTALUM2.2/35V tantalum capacitor 2.2uF, 35V$0.38
CAP TANTALUM22/35V tantalum capacitor 22uF, 35V$2.90
CAP TANTALUM3.3/16V tantalum capacitor 3.3uF, 16V$0.38
CAP TANTALUM3.3/35V tantalum capacitor 3.3uF, 35V$0.61
CAP TANTALUM4.7/35V tantalum capacitor 4.7uF, 35V$0.80
CAP TANTALUM47/16V tantalum capacitor 47uf, 16V$3.34
CAP TANTALUM6.8/35V tantalum capacitor 6.8uF, 35V$1.51
CAP TEA100/12V Sprague TE1135$2.44
CAP TEA100/16V HFS$0.65
CAP TEA100/25V SU series$0.47
CAP TEA100/50V SU series$0.88
CAP TEA1000/100V SU series$5.59
CAP TEA1000/25V SU series$1.26
CAP TEA2/450V Sprague TVA1701$1.56
CAP TEA220/50V Panasonic SU,$1.33
CAP TER1/50V BP bipolar radial electrolytic$0.17
CAP TER1/50V HF 105C$0.27
CAP TER10/50V BP Bi-polar$0.74
CAP TER100/100V 105C$1.15
CAP TER1000/50V SU 1000 uF 50V capacitor$1.15
CAP TER2.2/100V 2.2 uF 100V capacitor 105C$0.23
CAP TER2.2/63V HFS 2.2 uF 63V capacitor$0.27
CAP TER22/250 22 uF 250V capacitor$2.07
CAP TER22/25V HFS 22ufd/25v High freq.$0.31
CAP TER22/50V BP capacitor 22uf, 50V bipolar electrolytic$0.43
CAP TER220/25V NHE series$0.41
CAP TER220/35V HFS 105c$0.65
CAP TER220/50V 85 c temp$0.50
CAP TER2200/25V HF 105C$2.27
CAP TER330/50V HFS HFS 330/50v$1.33
CAP TER4.7/50V BP bipolar$0.37
CAP TER47/100V 105C$0.72
CAP TER47/250V 47/250V$3.27
CAP TER47/25V BP $0.64
CAP TER47/50V HFS 105C$0.51
CAP TER470/100V 470uF, 100V radial electrolytic cap$1.58
CAP TER470/35V capacitor, radial 92N5076$0.43
CAP TER470/50V HFS 470uF, 50V radial electrolytic cap$1.48
CLIP27 Mueller #27, 20 Amp$1.16
CLIP30-C Mueller 30-C mini gator clip$0.37
CLIP32 Mueller insul. #32 for #30 & #34 clips$0.27
CLIP34C Mueller #34C Micro-Gator copper$0.60
CLIP36 Mueller Insulator #36 for #34 clip$0.27
CLIP3925 Pomona 3925 Minigrabber Test Clip$1.85
CLIP45 Mueller #45 Mesh Teeth "Pee Wee"$0.77
CLIP47 Mueller Insul. #47 for #45 clip$0.43
CLIP48B Mueller #28B Mesh Teeth, 20 Amp,$1.01
CLIP60 Mueller #60 Alligator w/Female Ban.$0.40
CLIP62 Mueller Insulator #62 for #60 clip$0.18
CLIP85 Mueller #85 Crocodile$0.58
CLIP87 Mueller Insulator #87 for #85 clip, Red or Black$0.30
CONN AC17252-B1-0 AC recept, 3-blade$1.73
CONN AC4300-0701 AC Connector, panel mtg snap-in$1.32
CONN ACAC PLUG 3 WIRE AC 3 wire grounding plug, Leviton$3.68
CONN ACAC PLUG HOSP Hubbell hosp. grade plug 5A076-8$12.30
CONN ACAC SOCKET Ace 3038668 grnding skt, cord mt.$11.06
CONN ACQ212 AC recept.,3 blade,1/4" QC$1.29
CONN ACQ256 AC receptacle, snap in, solder$1.42
CONN ACQ258 AC receptacle, snap in, 1/4" QC$1.52
CONN AMP225395-1 Dual crimp BNC plug for RG-58$3.75
CONN AMPH27000 UG-931/U MHV panel recept.$12.92
CONN AMPH28000 UG-932/U BNC MHV$14.33
CONN AMPH31-10RFX BNC isolated, bulkhead$2.06
CONN AMPH31-208 UG-274/A BNC Tee$7.85
CONN AMPH31-315RFX BNC Crimp-on RG174$2.49
CONN AMPH3108B-14S-02P 97-3108B-14S-2P Amphenol conn. 4 pin RA plug$21.54
CONN AMPH3276 Mini-banana plug threaded stud$1.62
CONN AMPHARFX1069-ND BNC inline adapter UG914/U$4.33
CONN DBDB15 HOOD Hood, grey plastic w hdwe DB15$0.70
CONN DBDB15F CRIMP 15 Pin Female Crimp Shell$0.84
CONN DBDB15HD-F VGA female, solder$1.83
CONN DBDB15HD-M VGA male, solder$1.87
CONN DBDB15M CRIMP 15 Pin Male Crimp Shell$0.75
CONN DBDB25 HOOD Hood , grey plastic, side screw DB25$0.53
CONN DBDB25F-SOLDER DB25F solder$5.98
CONN DBDB25M-SOLDER DB25M solder$4.79
CONN DBDB25P CRIMP 25 Pin Male Crimp Shell$0.97
CONN DBDB25S CRIMP 25 Pin Female Crimp Shell$0.60
CONN DBDB9 HOOD DB9 hood$0.65
CONN DBDB9M CRIMP 9 Pin Male Crimp Plug$0.57
CONN DBDB9S CRIMP 9 Pin Female Crimp$0.57
CONN DBEL37PC-AA DB37 male solder pot$1.99
CONN DBEL37SC-AA DB37 female solder pot$2.34
CONN DBELH-37 Hood, DB37 connectors, grey plastic$2.06
CONN EFJOHN105-03**-001 Tip plug$1.49
CONN EFJOHN105-06**-001 Tip jack deluxe$1.05
CONN EFJOHN105-07**-001 Tip jack with plastic cover$1.79
CONN EFJOHN105-077X-001 tip plug, small handle$1.75
CONN EFJOHN105-08XX-001 tip jack/solder cup$1.01
CONN EFJOHN108-03**-001 Banana plug$1.87
CONN EFJOHN108-0740-001 banana jack, panel mt, all metal$1.60
CONN EFJOHN108-0750-002 Banana plug pnl mnt$1.39
CONN EFJOHN108-09**-001 Banana jack$0.82
CONN EFJOHN108-100*-001 miniature banana plug$1.79
CONN HEADER4-103239-0 single row header, 40 contacts$1.43
CONN HEADER622-5016 50 pin cable mt w/ears$10.96
CONN HEADER65823-067 header, 20pin right-angle solder$2.17
CONN HEADER8S0P040 ribbon conn.,MALE,40 pin no ears$15.12
CONN HEADER929835-10-36-ND Single Row Rt. Angle Male$2.14
CONN HEADER929974-01-36-ND Single row female header$2.75
CONN HEADERCHA10G-ND 10pin right-angle ww$2.04
CONN HEADERCHA14G 14 pin RA header$3.75
CONN HEADERCHA26G-ND 26pin right-angle ww$4.47
CONN HEADERCHA50G-ND 50 contact, rht angle,WW hdr$8.68
CONN HEADERCHR40G-ND 40pin right-angle solder tab$3.35
CONN HEADERCHS10G 10 pin straight solder tail$1.08
CONN HEADERCHS16G 16 pin straight solder tail$1.58
CONN HEADERCHS34G 34 pin straight solder tail$2.41
CONN HEADERCHW10G-ND 10pin straight row ww$2.85
CONN HEADERCHW26G-ND 26pin straight ww$5.10
CONN HEADERCHW34G-ND 34pin straight ww$6.12
CONN HEADERCHW50G-ND 50pin straight ww$8.68
CONN HEADERLKS lock hooks for R2XX series headers$0.14
CONN HEADERMHS50K 50 pin, straight, solder tail$5.33
CONN HEADERMPL34K 34 pin cable mnt header w/o ears$10.31
CONN MISC1-640456-0 10 pos male pcb mt, MTA100$0.34
CONN MISC1-643814-0 10 pos female, cable mt, MTA100$0.61
CONN MISC225-0XX banana plug, shrouded$3.22
CONN MISC25-0513-10 25pin inline socket$2.56
CONN MISC307-B 3.5mm (.137) mono phone plug$0.72
CONN MISC308-B 2.5mm mono phone plug$0.55
CONN MISC310-93-132-41 single row fem., 32 contact, 0.1"$2.07
CONN MISC5-005 RCA phono plug$0.87
CONN MISC5-006 RCA phono jack, cable mounted$0.87
CONN MISC811 Threaded banana plug (BU-00241)$0.98
CONN MISCA1925 10 pos post header$0.44
CONN MISCA23821 IDC 10 pos recept.(mates w/A1925)$0.65
CONN MISCCP-1030 DIN 3 pin plug (male)$0.75
CONN MISCCP-1050 DIN, 5 pin plug$1.75
CONN MISCCP-1060-ND 6 pin DIN male plug$0.91
CONN MISCCP-1250 5 pin DIN receptacle pnl mt$0.99
CONN MISCCP-1260 6 pin DIN receptacle$1.05
CONN MISCCP-1280 DIN 8 pin circular recept.$1.09
CONN MISCCP-2040-ND 4 pin Mini-din male$1.28
CONN MISCCP-2060-ND 6 pin male mini-din connector$1.36
CONN MISCCP-2140-ND Mini-din, 4 ckt female cable mtg.$2.10
CONN MISCSE6067 Hoefer banana plug, gold-plated$24.78
CONN MISCSP102 mono phone plug, 1/4" SPC$1.14
CONN MISCSPC4010 XLR male, 3 pin audio conn.$3.49
CONN MISCSPC4029 XLR receptacle 3 pin$3.93
CONN MISCSPC4081 RCA jack, panel mount$2.10
CONN MISCSPC4132 stereo phone plug, 3.5mm$2.53
CONN MISCT3401-001 DIN 6 inline jack$8.65
CONN MISCT68-A VECTOR component stake pin T68A$0.16
CONN MOLEXWM2122 Molex 2 pos., 0.156$0.33
CONN MOLEXWM2123 Molex 3 pos. 0.156$0.44
CONN MOLEXWM2124 4 pin housing .156$0.54
CONN MOLEXWM2126 6 pin housing .156$0.72
CONN POMONA1269/11439 BNC F-dual banana M$5.95
CONN POMONA1296 male BNC-2 binding posts$16.91
CONN POMONA1452/125233 Adptr fem BNC-2 bndg posts$4.96
CONN POMONA1837 dual banana w/ 3 iso terms$18.43
CONN POMONA3542 small profile tip jack$1.90
CONN POMONA5167-X Banana jack, cable mt.$3.48
CONN POMONAMDP-* Dual banana, 885-0100/1$3.62
CONN POMONAMDP-ST Dual banana w/ solder turret terms$3.34
CONN POMONAMDP-X Dual banana w/ 4 iso terms$14.91
CONN POWERCP-004B power plug, 2.5 mm$0.92
CONN POWERCP-6 power jack, 2.5mm, panel mount$2.60
CONN RIBBON3505-16 short ejector latch for ribbon header$0.18
CONN RIBBON3505-17 long ejector latch for ribbon header$0.21
CONN RIBBON40 IDC 40pin rbn conn$3.61
CONN RIBBON4620-6000 20pin ribbon header w/mtg flange$7.99
CONN RIBBON4640-6000 40pin ribbon header w/mtg flange$12.54
CONN RIBBON4650-6000 50 pin ribbon header w/mtg flange$10.54
CONN RIBBON71600-020 20 pin ribbon connector$0.92
CONN RIBBON71600-050 50-pin ribbon skt w/polarizing key$2.26
CONN RIBBONCCE20T-ND 20 pin cardedge-ribbon cable$3.14
CONN RIBBONCCE34T-ND 34 pin card edge-ribbon cable$4.47
CONN RIBBONCCE50T-ND 50 pin card edge-ribbon cable$6.82
CONN RIBBONCDP14T-ND 14 Pin Tin DIP Connector$1.42
CONN RIBBONCDP16T-ND 16pin DIP ribbon cable conn.$1.35
CONN RIBBONCKC10T 10 pin ribbon conn$1.02
CONN RIBBONCKC16T 16 pin ribbon conn$1.68
CONN RIBBONCKC34T 34 pin ribbon conn. w/key$2.58
CONN RIBBONCSR26T-ND 26 pin ribbon connector$2.56
CONN RIBBONDB15P IDC DB15 male IDC #117381$2.20
CONN RIBBONMSC16A 16 pin IDC socket connector$0.88
CONN SWCRFT850 Micro phone plug 2.5mm$4.64
CONN TELCOEC503-448 MODIF RJ45 tee splitter - for cat 3 10BT$7.10
CONN TELCORJ11 COUPLER RJ11 coupler 6 X 4$2.13
CONN TELCORJ11 SPLITTER RJ11 to 2 separate telco lines$2.56
CONN TELCORJ12 COUPLER RJ12 coupler - 6 x 6 no reversal$2.81
CONN TELCORJ12 TEE RJ12 Tee adapter 6 x 6$2.81
CONN TELCORJ12/RJ11 6 contact telco connector$0.20
CONN TELCORJ45 COUPLER RJ45 coupler - 8 x 8 no reversal$1.97
CONN TELCORJ45 JACK IDC SPC5220 tooless, cat 5$8.61
CONN TELCORJ45 TEE RJ45 Tee adapter - 8 x 8$3.07
CONN TELCORJ45-SOLID RJ45 crimp plug for solid wire$0.51
CONN TELCORJ45-STRANDED 8 contact telco connector$0.36
CONN WPI126-010 Hex 5pin male chassis 126-010$3.76
CONN WPI126-013 Hex 9pin fem chassis 126-013$7.61
CONN WPI126-191 Hex 7pin male chassis 126-191$5.06
CONN WPI126-192 Hex 7pin fem chassis 126-192$6.11
CONN WPI126-195 Hex 7pin male plug 126-195$7.82
CONN WPI126-196 Hex 7pin fem plug 126-196$11.39
CONN WPI126-198 Hex 7pin fem chassis 126-198$6.42
CONN WPI126-214 Hex 4pin male chassis 126-214$4.33
CONN WPI126-216 Hex 5pin male chassis 126-216$7.41
CONN WPI126-217 Hex 5pin male plug WPI 126-217$11.47
CONN WPI126-218 Hex 5pin fem chassis 126-218$6.75
CONN WPI126-219 Hex 9pin male chassis 126-219$5.28
CONN WPI126-220 Hex 9pin male plug 126-220$8.61
CONN WPI126-221 Hex 9pin fem chassis 126-221$12.04
CONN WPI126-223 Hex 5pin fem plug 126-223$15.51
CONN WPI220-P02 Mini pin 220-P02$0.51
CONN WPI220-S02 Mini socket 220-S02$0.77
CORD17237 Belden 6' #18 3 Wire,$3.38
CORD17239 Belden 3 Cond #18 8'$4.09
CORD17251B Belden 3 #18 blade 7.5ft$4.57
CORD17506 power cord, 2 meters, right angle$7.20
CORD17514 Belden #16/3-2 Meter$4.71
CORD17515 Belden 3 Cond #16 9'10"$6.42
CORD17516 Belden #14/3 6'7"$6.05
CORD17517 Belden 3-cond #14, 3 mtr$9.60
CORD17524 Belden AC Jumper Cord$5.37
CORD17720 6'7" shielded p.cord$7.03
CORDAC EXT 15FT ext. cord, 3 wire$9.57
CORDAC EXT 9FT extension cord, 3 wire$7.26
CORDPC CORD EXTENS Power extension cord for PC,6ft.$4.97
CORDPC CORD Monitor AC adapter cable, 1 ft.$4.47
CORDSJT16/3 SHLD shielded, 16ga, 3 blade, 6ft$5.92
CORDSVT18/3 SHLD shielded, 18ga, 3 blade, 8ft$3.31
DIAL3462KL 20 turn dial, 1/4" w/lock$26.43
DIAL412KL 10T dial, 1/4" w/lock$23.53
DIODE100JB1L IntRect bridge, 10A 100V$5.24
DIODE16CTQ060 Full wave, T220 Schottky 16A-60V$5.82
DIODE1N2970A 6.8 Volt Silicon Zener$8.31
DIODE1N3492R Silicon Rectifier$1.86
DIODE1N3605 Silicon Signal$0.09
DIODE1N4002 100 Volt Silicon Rectifier$0.11
DIODE1N4007 1000 Volt Si Rect.$0.11
DIODE1N4148 1N4148 High spd switching diode, 100V$0.03
DIODE1N4305 Si Signal Diode 75Vbv, 0.575Vf @ 25mAif$0.14
DIODE1N4729 3.6 Volt Silicon Zener$1.14
DIODE1N4730 3.9 Volt Zener$1.14
DIODE1N4737 7.5 Volt Silicon Zener$1.14
DIODE1N4738 8.2 Volt Silicon Zener$1.14
DIODE1N4739 9.1 Volt Silicon Zener$1.14
DIODE1N4740 10 Volt Silicon Zener$0.23
DIODE1N4741 11 Volt Silicon Zener$0.33
DIODE1N4742A 12 Volt Silicon Zener$0.23
DIODE1N4743 13 Volt Silicon Zener$0.33
DIODE1N4745 16 Volt Silicon Zener$1.14
DIODE1N4746A 18 Volt Silicon Zener$0.43
DIODE1N4747A 20 Volt Silicon Zener$0.24
DIODE1N4748 22 Volt Silicon Zener$1.14
DIODE1N4749 24 Volt Silicon Zener$0.23
DIODE1N4750 27 Volt Silicon Zener$1.14
DIODE1N4751 30 Volt Silicon Zener$1.14
DIODE1N4752 33 Volt Silicon Zener$1.14
DIODE1N4753 36 Volt Silicon Zener$1.21
DIODE1N4754 39 Volt Silicon Zener$1.21
DIODE1N4755A 43 Volt Silicon Zener$0.26
DIODE1N4756 47 Volt Silicon Zener$1.21
DIODE1N4757 57 Volt Silicon Zener$1.21
DIODE1N4758 56 Volt Silicon Zener$1.35
DIODE1N4759 62 Volt Silicon Zener$1.35
DIODE1N4760 68 Volt Silicon Zener$1.35
DIODE1N4761 75 Volt Silicon Zener$1.35
DIODE1N4762 82 Volt Silicon Zener$1.35
DIODE1N4763 91 Volt Silicon Zener$1.35
DIODE1N4764 100 Volt Silicon Zener$0.65
DIODE1N4937CF Rectifier, VfastR, 1amp/600v$0.21
DIODE1N5231B 5.1V zener$0.33
DIODE1N5371B 60 Volt Silicon Zener$2.56
DIODE1N5408 Rectifier 3A 1000PIV$0.24
DIODE1N5758 Silicon Bilateral Trigger$0.67
DIODE1N5761 Diac 28-36 Volts$0.67
DIODE1N5762 Diac 32-40 Volts$0.67
DIODE1N5817 Schottky low fwd drop(.25-.3V)$0.57
DIODE1N747 3.6 Volt Silicon Zener$0.28
DIODE1N936 9.45 Volt Silicon Zener Reference$3.12
DIODE1N942 11.7 Volt Silicon Zener Reference$4.26
DIODE1N961B 10V zener, 858-7033$0.11
DIODE6A10 6 amp, 1000 PIV rectifier$1.28
DIODEFR107 IA fast recv$0.27
DIODEFR306 Fast recovery 3 amp 800v$0.51
DIODEFR307 3A 1000V Fast Recovery Rect.$1.02
DIODEFR605 6A 600v fast recovery$1.49
DIODEFR804-ND Rectifier, 8amp/400V fast rec$2.46
DIODEGBPC1204-E4 Bridge rectifier, 12A/400V$6.52
DIODEGBPC3501-E4 GBPC3501-E4 35A, 100V bridge rectifier$7.54
DIODEHER305 Rectifier, 3 A-400v high eff.$1.53
DIODEMR1122 Motorola 12.0A 200V Rect. Case 245$2.41
DIODEMR250-2 250ma 2Kv .Same as Varo H1601-2$3.12
DIODEMR754 6 Amp, 400 Volt Axial$1.36
DIODEMR851 Moto, 3 Amp, 100 Volt$0.88
DIODENTE5313 Si Bridge Rect 8A 200Prv$5.21
DIODENTE558 IA 1500V fast recv$3.08
DIODEPB66DI 6A, 600V bridge$2.12
DIODER0091 3Amp, 100PIV$2.27
DIODER711A 30Amp dual rect, Condor 5V p.s., Pioneer Elec.$7.46
DIODERS405LDI Bridge Rect. 4 amp - 600PIV$1.92
DIODESK3081 Silicon Rectifier$1.12
DIODESK3925 RCA Si Axial Lead Rect. 2KV 2Amp$4.05
DIODESR304 Schottky Rect. 3amp-40V$1.07
FAN055015 4" Axial Fan Guard$2.13
FAN4715MS NMB 119mm sq x 38 AC fan, 50cfm$18.13
FAN4C740 Dayton axial fan guard 3"$2.06
FAN4WT49 fan, 119mm sq. 115VAC, 55 cfm$28.20
FANFBA06A12H1A 60 mm X 25 mm 12VDC fan$10.52
FANMC23287  12vdc fan, 80mm sq x 25, Eppendorf use$11.60
FANSPC11763 fan power cord$1.76
FUSE229: 0.5 .5A fuse 2AG SB$0.68
FUSE312: .125 .125A fuse LF 3AG reg$1.38
FUSE312: .15 .15A fuse LF 3AG fast$1.38
FUSE312: 0.063 63mA fuse 3AG fast 250V (Buss AGC)$1.58
FUSE312: 0.25 .25A fuse LF 3AG (Buss AGC) fast$1.15
FUSE312: 0.375 .375A fuse LF 3AG fast 250V$0.28
FUSE312: 0.5 .5A fuse LF 3AG fast 250V (Buss AGC)$0.21
FUSE312: 0.75 .75A fuse LF 3AG fast (Buss AGC)$0.74
FUSE312: 1.25 1.25A fuse, 3AG fast$0.26
FUSE312: 1.5 1.5A fuse LF 3AG fast$0.21
FUSE312: 1 1A fuse LF 3AG fast (Buss AGC)$0.51
FUSE312: 2.5 2.5A fuse 3AG fast$0.27
FUSE312: 2 2A fuse LF 3AG fast$0.23
FUSE312: 3 3A fuse LF 3AG fast 250V (AGC)$0.30
FUSE312: 4 4A fuse LF 3AG (Buss AGC) fast$0.48
FUSE312: 5 5A fuse LF 3AG reg$0.33
FUSE312: 6 6A fuse LF 3AG fast 250V$0.71
FUSE312: 7 7A fuse LF 7A reg (AGC)$0.28
FUSE312: 8-10 LF 3AG fast 250V$0.94
FUSE313: 0.200 fuse, 200 ma, SB, LF 313$1.85
FUSE313: 0.25 .25A fuse LF 313 SB (MDL)$0.94
FUSE313: 0.5 .5A fuse LF SB (MDL)$0.75
FUSE313: 1.25 1.25A fuse LF 3AG slow$0.75
FUSE313: 1.5 1.5A fuse LF 3AG slow (Buss MDL)$0.68
FUSE313: 10 10A fuse LF 3AG slow 250V (Buss MDA)$1.28
FUSE313: 15 15A fuse Buss MDA slow,250V 28F022$1.25
FUSE313: 1 1A fuse LF 3AG slow 250V (Buss MDL)$0.75
FUSE313: 2.5 2.5A fuse LF 3AG slow$0.81
FUSE313: 2 2A fuse LF 3AG slow 250V$0.91
FUSE313: 3 3A fuse LF 3AG slow 250V$0.85
FUSE313: 4 4A fuse LF 3AG slow 250V (MDL)$0.33
FUSE313: 5 5A fuse LF 3AG slow$1.21
FUSE313: 6 6A fuse Littlefuse (Buss MDL) SB$0.67
FUSE313: 7 7A sb fuse 3AG$0.67
FUSEF: 0.063 63mA fuse type F (5x20mm)$1.59
FUSEF: 0.063 63mA fuse type F (5x20mm)$0.89
FUSEF: 0.1 .1A fuse LF type F 5x20mm fast (GMA)$1.59
FUSEF: 0.25 0.25A type F fuse 5x20mm$0.62
FUSEF: 0.5 .5A fuse type F 5x20mm fast acting$1.59
FUSEF: 10 10A fuse LF type F 5X20mm fast (GMA)$0.33
FUSEF: 15 15A fuse type F (GMA) 5x20mm$0.33
FUSEF: 1 1A fuse type F 5x20mm$0.31
FUSEF: 3 type F fuse, 3A fast (GMA)$1.49
FUSEF: 5 5A type F fuse 5x20mm$0.27
FUSEF: 6.3 6.3A fuse type F 5x20mm$0.30
FUSEPICO: 5 PICO fuse 5A fast$0.78
FUSET: 0.125 .125A fuse LF type T 5x20mm slow (GMC)$0.17
FUSET: 0.5 .5A fuse LF type T 5x20mm slow (GMC)$0.89
FUSET: 1.25 1.25A fuse type T 5x20mm slow (GMC)$0.91
FUSET: 10 10A fuse LF type T 5x20mm slow (GMC)$1.60
FUSET: 1 1A fuse LF type T 5x20mm slow (GMC)$0.43
FUSET: 2.5 2.5A fuse type T 5x20mm slow (GMC)$0.41
FUSET: 2 2A fuse type T 5x20mm slow (GMC)$0.71
FUSET: 3.15 3A fuse type T 5x20mm slow (GMC)$0.57
FUSET: 5 5A fuse type T 5x20mm slow (GMC)$0.85
FUSET: 6.3 6.3A fuse type T 5x20mm slow (GMC)$0.45
FUSE HOLDERF015 fuseholder for 3AG w/1/4" quick connects$6.13
FUSE-THERMALNTE8149 152 deg C thermal fuse$1.68
IC-DIGITAL4000 CD4000AE CMOS NOR Dual 3 Input and Inverter$0.80
IC-DIGITAL4001 CD4001BE quad 2 input NOR$0.48
IC-DIGITAL4002 CD4002BE Dual 4-IN NOR Gate$0.43
IC-DIGITAL4007 CD4007AE dual comprtr pair w/inv$0.68
IC-DIGITAL4009 CD4009UBE hex inv, CD4049/50 prefered$1.45
IC-DIGITAL4010 CD4010AE hex buffer$1.45
IC-DIGITAL4011 CD4011BE quad 2input NAND$0.55
IC-DIGITAL4013 CD4013BE D-type flip flop$0.67
IC-DIGITAL4016 CD4016CN CD4016AE quad switch$0.71
IC-DIGITAL4017 Counter/divider CD4017BCN$0.89
IC-DIGITAL4018 CD4018BE presettable counter$1.14
IC-DIGITAL40193 CD40193BE, 4-bit up/down ctr$1.05
IC-DIGITAL4020 MC14020BCP counter$0.95
IC-DIGITAL4022 CD4022BE octal counter$1.48
IC-DIGITAL4024 CD4024BCN 7 stage binary ctr$0.87
IC-DIGITAL40257 CD40257BE quad 2 to 1 mux$1.45
IC-DIGITAL4027 CD4027BCN dual JK flip flop$0.58
IC-DIGITAL4028 CD4028BCN BCD-decimal decoder$0.78
IC-DIGITAL4029 CD4029AE up/dwn counter$1.18
IC-DIGITAL4040 CD4040BE 12 stage binary ctr$0.75
IC-DIGITAL4042 CD4042BE quad D latch$0.80
IC-DIGITAL4046 CD4046BE phase-lock loop$0.95
IC-DIGITAL4047 CD4047BE (HEF4047BP) One Shot$1.49
IC-DIGITAL4049 CD4049UBE Hex Inverter$0.70
IC-DIGITAL4050 CD4050BE Hex Buffer$0.71
IC-DIGITAL4051 CD4051BE 8 Ch Analog Mux/Demux$0.78
IC-DIGITAL4052 CD4052BCN 4 CH Mux/Demux$1.28
IC-DIGITAL4053 CD4053B analog mux/demux$0.00
IC-DIGITAL4066A CD4066AE Quad Analog Sw$1.63
IC-DIGITAL4066B CD4066BE Quad Analog Sw$1.21
IC-DIGITAL4067 CD4067BE 16 Ch Mux/Demux$2.74
IC-DIGITAL4069 CD4069BE Hex Inverter$0.48
IC-DIGITAL4070 CD4070BE Quad XOR$0.48
IC-DIGITAL4071 CD4071BE Quad 2-Input OR$0.54
IC-DIGITAL4072 CD4072BE Dual 4-Input OR$0.48
IC-DIGITAL4073 CD4073BE Triple 3-Input AND$0.48
IC-DIGITAL4075 MC14075B Triple 3-Input OR$0.74
IC-DIGITAL4077 CD4077BE Quad XNOR$0.48
IC-DIGITAL4081 CD4081BE quad 2 input AND$0.62
IC-DIGITAL4082 MN4082B Dual 4-Input AND$0.48
IC-DIGITAL4085 MN4085B Dual Input AND-OR-Inv Gate$1.33
IC-DIGITAL4093 CD4093BCN quad 2 input NAND$0.68
IC-DIGITAL4097 CD4097B differential 8 ch analog mux$2.70
IC-DIGITAL4098 CD4098BE Dual One-Shot$1.02
IC-DIGITAL4503 CD4503BCN tristate hex buffer$0.54
IC-DIGITAL4511 CD4511BE 7 Segment Driver$1.79
IC-DIGITAL4512 MC14512BCP 8 ch. data selector$0.87
IC-DIGITAL4514 CD4514BE 4 to 16 Decoder$3.69
IC-DIGITAL4518 CD4518BE Dual BCD up coubter$1.93
IC-DIGITAL4527 MC14527B BCD Rate Multiplier$2.27
IC-DIGITAL4532 MC14532BCP 8 bit priority encoder$1.19
IC-DIGITAL4538-MOTOROLA Dual one shot - Eppendorf use$1.59
IC-DIGITAL4538 CD4538BE Dual Mono Multi$1.26
IC-DIGITAL4543 MC14543B BCD-to-7seg Latch/Decoder/Driver (LCD)$5.06
IC-DIGITAL4555 MC14555CP CMOS dual 1 to 4 decoder/demux$1.62
IC-DIGITAL4702 F4702PC Bit Rate Generator$24.68
IC-DIGITAL7107 ICL7107CPL 3.5digit A/D$13.18
IC-DIGITAL7211 ICM7211AMIPL DIP 40 Display Driver$7.46
IC-DIGITAL7218 ICM7218AIJI com anode 8dig display$8.05
IC-DIGITAL7400 4 2-Input NAND$0.45
IC-DIGITAL7401 4 2-Input NAND OC$0.68
IC-DIGITAL7402 4 2-Input NOR$0.68
IC-DIGITAL7403 4 2-Input NOR OC$0.68
IC-DIGITAL7404 6 Inverters$0.72
IC-DIGITAL7405 6 Inverters OC$0.72
IC-DIGITAL7406 6 Inverters OC HV$0.95
IC-DIGITAL7407 6 Buffers OC HV$0.98
IC-DIGITAL7408 4 2-Input AND$0.68
IC-DIGITAL7409 4 2-Input AND OC$0.68
IC-DIGITAL74100 Dual 4-bit Latch$4.44
IC-DIGITAL74107 JK-Type Flip Flop$0.91
IC-DIGITAL7410 3 3-Input NAND$1.29
IC-DIGITAL74121 One Shot$0.95
IC-DIGITAL74122 One Shot$0.92
IC-DIGITAL74125 Quad TS Buffer$1.19
IC-DIGITAL74126 Quad TS Buffer$0.92
IC-DIGITAL7412N 3 3-Input NAND OC$0.95
IC-DIGITAL74132 DM74132N Quad Schmitt Tr.$0.97
IC-DIGITAL7413 2 4-Input NAND ST$0.81
IC-DIGITAL74143 7 Segment Driver$5.07
IC-DIGITAL74145 4-10 Decoder$1.31
IC-DIGITAL74147 $2.44
IC-DIGITAL74148 Priority Encoder$1.65
IC-DIGITAL74150 16-1 Multiplexer$2.41
IC-DIGITAL74151 8-1 Multiplexer$0.87
IC-DIGITAL74153 4-1 Multiplexer$0.87
IC-DIGITAL74155 2-4 Decoder/Demultiplexer$0.87
IC-DIGITAL74157 2-1 Multiplexer$0.87
IC-DIGITAL7416 Open Collector Hex Inverter$1.24
IC-DIGITAL74173 3-State Quad Latch$1.65
IC-DIGITAL74174 Hex D-Type Flip Flop$1.05
IC-DIGITAL7417 Hex Inverter OC HV$0.97
IC-DIGITAL74180 Parity Generator$1.35
IC-DIGITAL74190 Up-Down Counter$1.28
IC-DIGITAL74191 Up-Down Counter$1.28
IC-DIGITAL74192 Up-Down Counter$1.35
IC-DIGITAL74193 Up-Down Counter$1.35
IC-DIGITAL74197 Counter$1.43
IC-DIGITAL74199 Shift Register$2.24
IC-DIGITAL7420 2 4-Input NAND$0.68
IC-DIGITAL7421 2 4-Input AND$0.00
IC-DIGITAL7423 2 4-Input NOR EX S$0.78
IC-DIGITAL7425 2 4-Input NOR S$0.68
IC-DIGITAL7426 4 2-Input NAND HV$0.68
IC-DIGITAL74279 SR-Type Latch$1.14
IC-DIGITAL7427 3 3-Input NOR$0.80
IC-DIGITAL74283 Adder$1.95
IC-DIGITAL74298 2-4 Multiplexer$2.04
IC-DIGITAL7430 8-Input NAND$0.97
IC-DIGITAL7432 4 2-Input OR$0.68
IC-DIGITAL7433 4 2-Input NOR OC$1.22
IC-DIGITAL74365 Hex TS Bus Driver$0.98
IC-DIGITAL74366 Hex TS Bus Driver$0.98
IC-DIGITAL74368 Hex TS Bus Driver$0.98
IC-DIGITAL7437 4 2-Input NAND Buffers$0.68
IC-DIGITAL7438 4 2-Input NAND OC Buffers$1.55
IC-DIGITAL7440 2 4-Input NAND Buffers$0.85
IC-DIGITAL7442 BCD-Decimal Decoder$0.81
IC-DIGITAL7447 BCD-7 Segment Decoder$1.49
IC-DIGITAL7450 Dual 2-Input AND/OR/Inverter Exp.$0.68
IC-DIGITAL7453 Expandable AND-OR-Invert Gate$0.00
IC-DIGITAL7454 Quad 2-Input AND/OR/Inverter$0.68
IC-DIGITAL7460 Dual 4-Input Expander$0.98
IC-DIGITAL7470 JK-Type Flip Flop$0.82
IC-DIGITAL7472 JK Master-Slave Flip-Flop$1.78
IC-DIGITAL7473 JK-Type Flip Flop$0.82
IC-DIGITAL7474 D-Type Flip Flop$0.91
IC-DIGITAL7476 JK-Type Flip Flop$0.91
IC-DIGITAL7482 Adder$4.29
IC-DIGITAL7483 Adder$1.05
IC-DIGITAL7485 4-bit Magnitude Comparator$1.16
IC-DIGITAL7486 4 2-Input Exclusive OR$0.91
IC-DIGITAL7489 64 Bit RAM$4.26
IC-DIGITAL7490 Decade Ripple Counter$1.51
IC-DIGITAL7491 8-bit Shift Register$2.40
IC-DIGITAL7492 Divide By 12 Counter$0.82
IC-DIGITAL7493 Binary Counter$0.82
IC-DIGITAL7494 4-bit PISO Shift Register$1.78
IC-DIGITAL7495 $0.85
IC-DIGITAL7496 $0.95
IC-DIGITAL7497 Rate Multiplier$3.88
IC-DIGITAL74C08 4 2-Input AND$1.07
IC-DIGITAL74C901 Buffer, Hex TTL Inverting (CMOS to TTL)$0.00
IC-DIGITAL74C925 MM74C925N Counter 4-Decade, Multiplexed Output$10.65
IC-DIGITAL74H00 4 2-Input NAND$1.15
IC-DIGITAL74H01 4 2-Input NAND OC$1.15
IC-DIGITAL74H04 6 Inverters$1.33
IC-DIGITAL74H08 4 2-Input AND$1.33
IC-DIGITAL74H20 2 4-Input NAND$1.15
IC-DIGITAL74H30 8-Input NAND$1.15
IC-DIGITAL74H51 Dual 2-Input AND-OR-Invert$1.15
IC-DIGITAL74HCT14 74HCT14 Hex schmitt trigger,$0.68
IC-DIGITAL74HCT390 CD74HCT390E dual decade cntr$0.97
IC-DIGITAL74HCT573E Octal Latch, 3 State$2.14
IC-DIGITAL74L00 4 2-Input NAND$0.89
IC-DIGITAL74L02 4 2-Input NOR$0.98
IC-DIGITAL74L03 4 2-Input NOR OC$0.80
IC-DIGITAL74L154 4-to-16 Decoder/Demultiplexer$7.10
IC-DIGITAL74L85 8 bit magnitude comparator$2.67
IC-DIGITAL74L86 4 2-Input EXOR$2.67
IC-DIGITAL74L90 Decade Ripple Counter$3.55
IC-DIGITAL74L98 Selector/Storage Register$3.55
IC-DIGITAL74LS00 4 2-Input NAND$0.54
IC-DIGITAL74LS01 Quad 2-in NAND OC$0.00
IC-DIGITAL74LS02 4 2-Input NOR$0.41
IC-DIGITAL74LS04 Hex Inverter$0.62
IC-DIGITAL74LS05 Hex Inverter OC$0.62
IC-DIGITAL74LS08 4 2-Input AND$0.60
IC-DIGITAL74LS09 QUAD 2-IN & Gate (O-C)$0.45
IC-DIGITAL74LS109 JK-Type Flip Flop$1.18
IC-DIGITAL74LS10 3 3-Input NAND$0.62
IC-DIGITAL74LS113 Dual JK Flip-Flop$0.85
IC-DIGITAL74LS11 3 3-Input AND$0.62
IC-DIGITAL74LS122 One Shot$1.09
IC-DIGITAL74LS123N Dual One Shot$0.70
IC-DIGITAL74LS124 Dual Voltage-Controlled Oscillator$6.57
IC-DIGITAL74LS125AN Tri-state quad buffer,$0.48
IC-DIGITAL74LS126 Quad TS Buffer$0.84
IC-DIGITAL74LS132 4 2-Input NAND Schmitt trig$0.77
IC-DIGITAL74LS136 Quad EXOR Gate$0.78
IC-DIGITAL74LS138 3-8 Decoder/Demultiplexer$1.04
IC-DIGITAL74LS139 2-4 Decoder/Demultiplexer$1.04
IC-DIGITAL74LS145 BCD-Decimal decoder, open coll$0.00
IC-DIGITAL74LS148 Priority Encoder$2.97
IC-DIGITAL74LS14 Hex Inverter Schmitt Trigger,$0.61
IC-DIGITAL74LS151 8-1 Multiplexer$0.71
IC-DIGITAL74LS153 4-1 Multiplexer$1.19
IC-DIGITAL74LS154 4-to-16 Decoder/Demultiplexer$7.84
IC-DIGITAL74LS156 2-4 Decoder$1.25
IC-DIGITAL74LS157 2-1 Multiplexer$1.04
IC-DIGITAL74LS15 3 3-Input AND OC$0.62
IC-DIGITAL74LS160 Counter$1.38
IC-DIGITAL74LS161 Counter$1.38
IC-DIGITAL74LS164 8bit shift register$0.81
IC-DIGITAL74LS173 4-bit D register$0.80
IC-DIGITAL74LS174 Hex D-Type Flip Flop$0.72
IC-DIGITAL74LS175 Quad D-Type Flip Flop$1.22
IC-DIGITAL74LS191 Up-Down Counter$1.51
IC-DIGITAL74LS192 Up-Down Counter$3.91
IC-DIGITAL74LS193 Up-Down Counter$1.07
IC-DIGITAL74LS196 Presettable Decade Counter$1.72
IC-DIGITAL74LS197 Counter$1.53
IC-DIGITAL74LS221N Dual Monostable$0.62
IC-DIGITAL74LS240 3-state inverting octal buffer$0.53
IC-DIGITAL74LS241 Octal Buffer$1.87
IC-DIGITAL74LS242N Quad bus transceiver$1.32
IC-DIGITAL74LS243 Bus Transceivers$1.72
IC-DIGITAL74LS244 Octal TS Buffer Non-Inverting$0.82
IC-DIGITAL74LS245 Octal Bus Transceiver$2.31
IC-DIGITAL74LS251 Tri-State 8-1 Multiplexer$1.09
IC-DIGITAL74LS253 2-4 Decoder/Demultiplexer TS$1.09
IC-DIGITAL74LS257 Tri-State Multiplexer$0.85
IC-DIGITAL74LS259N 8 bit addressable latch$1.15
IC-DIGITAL74LS260 $0.81
IC-DIGITAL74LS266 Quad EXCLUSIVE-NOR, with Open-Collector Outputs$0.72
IC-DIGITAL74LS273 Octal D-Type Flip Flop$0.97
IC-DIGITAL74LS279 Quad SR-Type Latch$0.81
IC-DIGITAL74LS27 3 3-Input NOR$0.62
IC-DIGITAL74LS280 Parity Generator/Checker$3.91
IC-DIGITAL74LS283 Adder$0.92
IC-DIGITAL74LS28 Quad 2-Input NOR Buffer$0.70
IC-DIGITAL74LS290 Decade and 4-Bit Binary Counters$1.31
IC-DIGITAL74LS293 Counter$1.43
IC-DIGITAL74LS323N Apple floppy control$4.26
IC-DIGITAL74LS32 2-Input OR$0.45
IC-DIGITAL74LS364 8 D Flip-Flops, 3-State, MOS Compatible Outputs$3.91
IC-DIGITAL74LS365 Hex TS Bus Driver$0.91
IC-DIGITAL74LS366 Hex TS Bus Driver$0.91
IC-DIGITAL74LS367 Hes TS Bus Driver$0.91
IC-DIGITAL74LS368 Hex bus driver, tri-state outs$0.00
IC-DIGITAL74LS373 Octal Latch, Tri-State$1.42
IC-DIGITAL74LS374 Octal TS D-Type Flip Flop$2.19
IC-DIGITAL74LS37 4 2-Input NAND Buffers$0.80
IC-DIGITAL74LS390 Dual Decade Counter$0.89
IC-DIGITAL74LS393 Counter$1.18
IC-DIGITAL74LS42 BCD-Decimal Decoder$0.94
IC-DIGITAL74LS51 AND-OR-Invert$0.62
IC-DIGITAL74LS74 D-Type Flip Flop$0.45
IC-DIGITAL74LS75 quad transparent latch$0.70
IC-DIGITAL74LS76 dual JK FF$0.67
IC-DIGITAL74LS85 4-Bit Comparator$0.74
IC-DIGITAL74LS86 4 2-Input EX-OR$0.71
IC-DIGITAL74S00 4 2-Input NAND$0.77
IC-DIGITAL74S02 4 2-Input NOR$0.80
IC-DIGITAL74S04 Hex Inverter$0.81
IC-DIGITAL74S05 Hex Inverter OC$0.81
IC-DIGITAL74S10 3 3-Input NAND$0.80
IC-DIGITAL74S113 JK-Type Flip Flop$0.98
IC-DIGITAL74S133 13-Input NAND gate$0.77
IC-DIGITAL74S138 3-9 Decoder/Demultiplexer$1.79
IC-DIGITAL74S151 8-1 Multiplexer$1.79
IC-DIGITAL74S174 Hex D-Type Flip Flop$2.09
IC-DIGITAL74S175 Quad D-Type Flip Flop$2.09
IC-DIGITAL74S194 Up-Down Counter$2.68
IC-DIGITAL74S20 2 4-Input NAND$0.78
IC-DIGITAL74S244N Octal line driver , tri-state$2.77
IC-DIGITAL74S257 2-1 Multiplexer TS$1.79
IC-DIGITAL74S260 2 5-Input NOR$1.05
IC-DIGITAL74S280 Parity Generator$2.97
IC-DIGITAL74S288N DM74S288N 256(32 x 8) prom, tri-state$2.47
IC-DIGITAL74S30 8-Input NAND$0.78
IC-DIGITAL74S32 $0.81
IC-DIGITAL74S374N Octal D type flip flop,tri-state$2.98
IC-DIGITAL74S37 4 2-Input NAND Buffer$1.35
IC-DIGITAL74S40 2 4-Input NAND Buffer$0.78
IC-DIGITAL74S65 4-Wide AND-OR-INVERT, with Open Collector Outs$0.60
IC-DIGITAL74S74 D-Type Flip Flop$0.89
IC-DIGITAL74S86 4 2-Input EX-OR$1.01
IC-DIGITAL75107 Dual Line Receiver$1.56
IC-DIGITAL75110 Dual Line Driver$1.56
IC-DIGITAL75121 Dual Line Driver (8T13)$2.46
IC-DIGITAL75122 Triple Line Receiver (8T14 Equiv.)$2.46
IC-DIGITAL75150N Dual EIA Line Driver$1.80
IC-DIGITAL75150P Dual line driver 8pin dip$0.00
IC-DIGITAL75154 Quad EIA Line Receiver$2.13
IC-DIGITAL75450 Dual peripheral AND driver$0.98
IC-DIGITAL75451BP Dual peripheral AND driver$1.14
IC-DIGITAL75452 Dual peripheral NAND driver$1.14
IC-DIGITAL75453BP Dual Peripheral Positive OR Driver$0.81
IC-DIGITAL75454 Dual Peripheral NOR Driver$0.80
IC-DIGITAL75491 dual peripheral driver$0.61
IC-DIGITAL75492 Hex Digit Driver MOS to LED (DS Prefix)$1.59
IC-DIGITAL8080A Microprocessor$4.97
IC-DIGITAL8085 8-bit CPU$5.68
IC-DIGITAL8088 D8088 microprocessor$16.93
IC-DIGITAL81LS95 Octal Tri-State Buffer TTL-LS$5.33
IC-DIGITAL81LS96 Octal 3-State Inverter TTL-LS$5.33
IC-DIGITAL81LS97 Octal 3-State Buffer TTL-LS$5.33
IC-DIGITAL81LS98 DM81LS98N Octal, 3-State TTL-LS Inverter$5.33
IC-DIGITAL8211 Intersil ICL 8211 Prog Volt Reg$2.16
IC-DIGITAL8228 DP8228J System Controller and Bus Driver (8080)$7.81
IC-DIGITAL8250B UM8250B Async comm$2.37
IC-DIGITAL8251 Prog. comm interface USART$2.13
IC-DIGITAL8271 4-bit Shift Register$3.55
IC-DIGITAL830 MC830 dual 3/2 input NAND$1.70
IC-DIGITAL832 MC832 dual 3/2 input buffer$1.70
IC-DIGITAL834 MC834 hex inverter$1.90
IC-DIGITAL835 MC835 hex inverter$1.90
IC-DIGITAL836 MC836 hex inverter$1.90
IC-DIGITAL840 MC840 hex inverter$1.90
IC-DIGITAL844 MC844 dual 4 input NAND$1.79
IC-DIGITAL846 MC846 quad inverter$1.70
IC-DIGITAL858 MC858 quad 2 input NAND power gate$1.90
IC-DIGITAL862 MC862 triple 3 input NAND$1.70
IC-DIGITAL8815 N8815N Dual 4-Input NOR$3.55
IC-DIGITAL8881 N8881 Quad 2-Input NAND, OC$3.55
IC-DIGITAL8T20 N8T20B Bidirectional One Shot$2.67
IC-DIGITAL8T26 N8T26AN Tri-State Quad Bus Receivers$3.02
IC-DIGITAL8T37 N8T37 Hex Bus Receiver with Hysteresis$2.67
IC-DIGITAL8T98B N8T98B hex tri-state buffer$1.68
IC-DIGITAL9301 BCD-to-Decimal Decoder (1 of 10)$5.33
IC-DIGITAL9318 8-Input Priority Encoder$8.88
IC-DIGITAL9322 Quad 2-Input Non-Inverting MUX$2.84
IC-DIGITAL9328 8-bit Dual Serial-In, Serial-Out Shift Register$7.81
IC-DIGITAL9344 Multiplier, Binary (4X2) TTL$22.45
IC-DIGITAL9368 BCD(Hex)-to-7Seg LEDEdcoder/Driver, w/Latch$7.81
IC-DIGITAL93C46 (59C11) Serial EEPROM 102$3.76
IC-DIGITAL93L08 Dual 4-bit Latch with Clear$11.19
IC-DIGITAL9601 Retriggerable Monostable TTL$5.33
IC-DIGITAL9636 line driver$1.73
IC-DIGITAL9639 Line receiver - RS232/422$2.03
IC-DIGITALAY-3-1015D $7.10
IC-DIGITALPIC16C711-20/P 18 pin PIC, 1K$5.85
IC-DIGITALPIC16F676 uprocessor$2.54
IC-DIGITALPIC16F819 uprocessor$3.68
IC-LINEAR0002CN LH0002CN Current Amplifier$12.43
IC-LINEAR0032CG LH0032CG Ultra Fast FET Op Amp$35.50
IC-LINEAR0062CH LH0062CH Hi Speed FET Op Amp DNR$31.95
IC-LINEAR0070-1H LH0070-1H BCD Reference 10V$15.98
IC-LINEAR062 TL062IP low pwr JFETin op amp$1.99
IC-LINEAR07CP OP07CP Op Amp Low Noise Precision$1.24
IC-LINEAR081CP TL081CP JFET Op Amp 8 pin$0.95
IC-LINEAR08 PA08 Hi Volt Power Op Amp Apex$130.67
IC-LINEAR118 INA118P instrumentation amp$10.61
IC-LINEAR12 LM12CLK power op amp,$51.43
IC-LINEAR130 LD130CJ 3 1/2 digit DVM chip$12.07
IC-LINEAR1436CG MC1436CG op amp$5.78
IC-LINEAR1439 MC1439 op amp$4.02
IC-LINEAR1458CP1 MC1458CP1 dual MC1741 op amp$0.95
IC-LINEAR1468L MC1468L dual reg.$6.50
IC-LINEAR1495L MC1495L 4-Quad multiplier$19.34
IC-LINEAR1520 MC1520G Differential Output Op Amp$11.90
IC-LINEAR1594 MC1594L Analog Mult,$11.19
IC-LINEAR1595 MC1595 analog multiplier$10.81
IC-LINEAR16FZ OP16FZ op amp$12.88
IC-LINEAR1723CL MC1723CL voltage regulator$1.38
IC-LINEAR1830N LM1830N Fluid Level Detector$3.62
IC-LINEAR1881 LM1881N sync separator$7.26
IC-LINEAR1936 NTE1936 +12V 2A reg$9.16
IC-LINEAR1940 NTE1940 +24V 2A reg$9.16
IC-LINEAR200 HI1-0200-5 (DG200) analog sw$8.80
IC-LINEAR201AN LM201AN Op Amp$1.07
IC-LINEAR201HS HI1-0201HS-5 Quad analog switch$9.53
IC-LINEAR219 LM219J High Speed Dual Comparator$27.34
IC-LINEAR2272 TLC2272ACP rail-rail dual op amp$2.60
IC-LINEAR2274 TLC2274CN rail-rail quad op amp$2.29
IC-LINEAR2525 High Slew Rate Op Amp$9.44
IC-LINEAR2653 TDA2653A vert defl (IBM)$5.68
IC-LINEAR274 TLC274ACN TI Quad Prec Op Amp$2.49
IC-LINEAR27EP OP27EP Op Amp Precision Low Noise$10.31
IC-LINEAR2907N LM2907N Freq to Volt Conv$2.19
IC-LINEAR2949 UDN2949Z HB motor driver (SK9319)(LA100/210)$5.68
IC-LINEAR298N SGS-Thompson Dual Bridge Driver (Mouser)$11.32
IC-LINEAR3000 CA3000 DC Amp$5.68
IC-LINEAR3018 Harris Darlington$3.75
IC-LINEAR301 LM301AN gen purp op amp$0.58
IC-LINEAR3029 CA3029 Op Amp,$2.54
IC-LINEAR3046 CA3046 Diff Pair + 3 Trans$0.82
IC-LINEAR304 LM304H Negative Voltage Regulator$3.99
IC-LINEAR3054 CA3054 Dual Differential Amp$1.19
IC-LINEAR305 LM305H Pos volt reg (NTE1928)$3.24
IC-LINEAR307P LM307P op amp 8 pin DIP$1.53
IC-LINEAR308N LM308N Hi Gain Op Amp 8pin dip$1.85
IC-LINEAR309K 5 Volt Regulator$2.91
IC-LINEAR310 LM310N Voltage Follower$2.30
IC-LINEAR311 LM311P comparator$0.61
IC-LINEAR3130 CA3130E op amp$1.39
IC-LINEAR3140E CA3140E FET Op Amp$1.07
IC-LINEAR317T LM317 3 Term Adj Reg$0.38
IC-LINEAR319 LM319N High Speed Dual Comparator$4.26
IC-LINEAR320 LM320 Neg Volt reg$4.60
IC-LINEAR323K LM323K 5V/3A Regulator$13.42
IC-LINEAR3240E1 CA3240E1 dual op amp 14pin$2.57
IC-LINEAR324AN LM324AN Quad Op Amp, Lo power$0.97
IC-LINEAR325 LM325N Voltage Regulator$9.23
IC-LINEAR3260E CA3260E Dual BiMOS Op Amp$3.12
IC-LINEAR332 MA-332-CP Audio Op Amp$8.43
IC-LINEAR339 LM339N Quad Comparator$1.15
IC-LINEAR3470 MC3470P Apple floppy disk$3.05
IC-LINEAR3486 MC3486N 3 State line receiver$1.39
IC-LINEAR348 LM348N quad 741$1.12
IC-LINEAR3501 SG3501AJ +/-15V reg$6.39
IC-LINEAR350 LM350T pos adj V reg$8.01
IC-LINEAR351N LF351N Bi-fet op amp$1.19
IC-LINEAR3524 CA3524E Pulse width modulator$1.24
IC-LINEAR3525 SG3525AN sw reg mod (VT2XX)$5.68
IC-LINEAR353N LF353N Dual BiFET Op Amp$0.74
IC-LINEAR355 LF355N JFET op amp$2.07
IC-LINEAR356N LF356N BiFET Wideband Op Amp$2.41
IC-LINEAR357J LF357N wideband JFET opamp$2.68
IC-LINEAR37EP OP37EP Op Amp Precision Low Noise$5.84
IC-LINEAR380 LM380 Audio Power Amplifier$2.67
IC-LINEAR385Z LM385Z Adj uPower Volt Ref$3.27
IC-LINEAR3900N LM3900N Quad Ampl 14 DIP$1.16
IC-LINEAR3909 LM3909 LED Flasher/Osc$1.78
IC-LINEAR393 LM393N Low Power Low Offset Dual Comparator$0.78
IC-LINEAR398 LF398N Sample & Hold,$3.65
IC-LINEAR409 MXD409 4 Ch Analog Mux$24.85
IC-LINEAR411 LF411CN JFET Op Amp, low ofs/drift$2.39
IC-LINEAR412 LF412CN JFET dual Op Amp$2.68
IC-LINEAR4136 RC4136N quad op amp$1.26
IC-LINEAR4152 RC4152NB Freq-Voltage/Voltage-Freq Converter$3.55
IC-LINEAR4250 Intersil LM4250CN Programmable Op Amp$2.03
IC-LINEAR42FZ OP42FZ fast op amp SR = 50V/uS$7.80
IC-LINEAR441 LF441CG Low Power JFET Input Op Amp$2.84
IC-LINEAR4558 RC4558P op amp TI$0.62
IC-LINEAR5001 MM5001AH FET Switch 4XSPST ........obsolete?$8.88
IC-LINEAR5040 HI1-5040 SPST Switch$7.99
IC-LINEAR5048 HI1-5048-5 Dual SPST Switch$14.20
IC-LINEAR5051 HI1-5051-5 dual SPDT 30 ohm switch$13.16
IC-LINEAR527 NE527A Analog Voltage Comparator$5.33
IC-LINEAR53207 M53207P Mit.$2.27
IC-LINEAR5320 MM5320, HA1-5320-5 high speed S/H$17.57
IC-LINEAR555CN LM555CN timer$0.48
IC-LINEAR566 NE566V Function Generator$3.55
IC-LINEAR567 LM567CN Tone Decoder Phase Lock Loop$1.58
IC-LINEAR581 AD581JH 10V reference$5.86
IC-LINEAR648 AD648CQ DualPrec lopwr BiFET OpAmp$17.75
IC-LINEAR6741 CA6741 Op Amp-Low Noise 741$2.87
IC-LINEAR675T LM675T Power Op Amp$8.63
IC-LINEAR709 LM709CN Op Amp, 14 pin dip$2.13
IC-LINEAR7107 ICL7107CPL 3.5digit LED ADC$10.35
IC-LINEAR710 LM710 High Speed Diff Comp (Eq uA710, ECG910 )$1.60
IC-LINEAR723CG Voltage Regulator 10 pin can$1.68
IC-LINEAR723CP Voltage Regulator 14 pin$1.07
IC-LINEAR733CH LM733CH Diff Video Amp 10 pin can$7.38
IC-LINEAR739 uA739DC Dual Audio PreAmp/Op Amp$5.33
IC-LINEAR740 uA740CG FET Input Op Amp$26.54
IC-LINEAR741CN LM741CN Op Amp 8 pin$0.80
IC-LINEAR747 UC747CN Dual Op Amp$0.92
IC-LINEAR7520JN AD7520JN 10bit multiplying DAC$7.91
IC-LINEAR760 uA760 High Speed Differential Comparator$20.36
IC-LINEAR7611 ICL7611BCPA low power CMOS opamp$2.85
IC-LINEAR7660 ICL7660ACPA pos to neg v converter$1.95
IC-LINEAR7805CKC +5V 1.5A Reg TO220$1.35
IC-LINEAR7805CK +5V Reg TO3 (Same as KC)$2.90
IC-LINEAR7805T +5V reg, TO220$0.44
IC-LINEAR7806CT +6V Reg TO220$1.22
IC-LINEAR7808CT +8V Reg TO220$1.05
IC-LINEAR7812CT 7812 12 Volt Regulator T220$0.50
IC-LINEAR7812KC 12 Volt Regulator TO3 (LM340-12KC)$1.24
IC-LINEAR7815CKC +15volt reg, TO-220AB$0.92
IC-LINEAR7815KC 15volt reg TO3$1.24
IC-LINEAR78L05ACZTR 5V Regulator,TO-92, LM78L05ACZTR$0.27
IC-LINEAR78L12 12V Regulator MC78L12ACP$0.74
IC-LINEAR78L15CP LM78L15ACZ +15V Reg TO92$0.51
IC-LINEAR78M05CG +5V Reg. 500ma TO5$0.77
IC-LINEAR78M15CT +15V Reg TO220$0.75
IC-LINEAR78MG 4-Term Pos Adj Volt Reg$3.55
IC-LINEAR7906CT -6V Reg TO220$1.18
IC-LINEAR7908CT -8V Reg$1.19
IC-LINEAR790 AD790JN Fast Comparator$7.13
IC-LINEAR7912CK -12V Reg TO3$2.90
IC-LINEAR7915 NJM7915FA -15V regulator,$0.84
IC-LINEAR791 uA791P5C Op Amp, High Power$6.22
IC-LINEAR79L05 LM79L05ACZ -5V @100mA$0.36
IC-LINEAR79M15 Neg Volt Reg -15V 1.5A$2.22
IC-LINEAR8031A P8031AH dual 16bit counter$4.47
IC-LINEAR8038 ICL8038 VCO/Waveform Gen$5.64
IC-LINEAR833N LM833N Dual Audio Op Amp$1.08
IC-LINEAR915 NTE915 Video Op Amp (equiv UV715, ECG715)$11.01
IDENT TAGID-14 14 pin socket ID marker$0.24
IDENT TAGID-16 16 pin socket ID marker$0.21
IDENT TAGID-20 OK Ind ID-20-50$0.28
IDENT TAGID-24 OK Ind ID-24-50$0.30
IDENT TAGID-28 OK Ind ID-28-50$0.36
IDENT TAGID-40 OK Ind ID-40-25$0.43
IDENT TAGID-8 8 pin socket ID marker$0.24
LAMP0Q-58Z 6V, 30W triangular flange base$33.27
LAMP1004 12.8V, 12W, D.C. bayonet$1.43
LAMP10C7DC 120V 10W D.C.Bayonet S-6$2.84
LAMP1129 6.4V 2.63A S.C.Bayonet S-8$2.84
LAMP112 1.2V 0.22A Min. Screw TL-3$0.85
LAMP1133 6.2V 3.91A S.C.Bayonet RP-11$5.68
LAMP1134 6.2V 3.91A D.C.Bayonet RP-11$5.68
LAMP1188 8.0V 4.3A$1.78
LAMP1283 5.0V 0.060A Wire Term. TL-1$1.42
LAMP12 6.3v 0.15A Min. 2 Pin G 3-1/2$1.68
LAMP13 3.7V 0.3A MIN SCREW G-3 1/2$1.24
LAMP1468 6.0V 4.5A D.C.Prefocus on Flange S-8$5.68
LAMP1493 6.5V 2.75A D.C.Bayonet,$5.67
LAMP1498 6.5V 2.75A D.C.Bayonet (Frosted) S-8$3.55
LAMP14 2.47V 0.3A Min Screw G-3 1/2$1.24
LAMP1630 6.5V 2.75A D.C.Prefocus on Flange$11.36
LAMP1634 20.0V 1.0A D.C.Prefocus on Flange S-8$22.72
LAMP1680 6.0V 4.1A SC Bay S-8$1.78
LAMP1762D 28.0V 0.040A Wire Term. T-1 3/4$0.85
LAMP1768 6.0V 0.2A Midget Screw T-1 3/4$1.99
LAMP1821 28.0V 0.17A Min. Screw T-3 1/4$1.28
LAMP1835 55.0V 0.05A Min Bay T-3 1/4$5.25
LAMP1869 10.0V 0.14A Wire Term. T-1 3/4$1.42
LAMP1892 14.4V 0.12A Min. Bayonet T-3 1/4$1.42
LAMP1893 14.0V 0.33A Min. Bayonet T-3 1/4$1.28
LAMP2102 18.0V 0.04A Wire Term. T-1 3/4$1.42
LAMP211 12.8V 0.97A Min. Cap (Auto) T-3$2.84
LAMP2162D 14.0V 0.01A Wire Term. T-1 3/4$1.42
LAMP222 2.25V 0.25A Min Screw TL-3$1.49
LAMP259 6.3V 0.25A Wedge T-3 1/4$0.99
LAMP268 2.5V 0.35A S.C.Midget Flanged T-1 3/4$2.13
LAMP311 28.0V 1.29A S.C.Bayonet S-11$3.55
LAMP335 28.0V 0.04A Mdg Screw T-1 3/4$1.79
LAMP337 6.0V 0.200A Mid. Grooved T-1 3/4$1.56
LAMP338 2.7V 0.060A Mid. Grooved T-1 3/4$1.56
LAMP344 10.0V 0.014A S.C.Mid. Flanged T-1 3/4$1.49
LAMP370 18.0V 0.040A S.C.Mid. Flanged T-1 3/4$1.85
LAMP373 14.0V 0.080A Mid. Screw T-1 3/4$1.99
LAMP377 6.3V 0.075A$1.08
LAMP378 6.3V 0.20A Mdg Screw T-1 3/4$1.85
LAMP379 6.3V 0.200A Mid. Grooved T-1 3/4$1.85
LAMP381 6.3V 0.20A Flg Base T-1 3/4$1.18
LAMP382 14.0V 0.080A Mdg Flg Base T-1 3/4$1.68
LAMP386 14.0V 0.080A Mid. Grooved T-1 3/4$2.41
LAMP387 28.0V 0.040A Mdg Flg Base T-1 3/4$1.35
LAMP390 3.0V 0.015A Mid. Grooved T-1 3/4$2.27
LAMP393 14.0V 0.100A Mid. Grooved T-1 3/4$2.27
LAMP398 6.3V 0.200A Mid. Grooved T-1 3/4$2.27
LAMP399 28.0V 0.040A Mid. Screw T-1 3/4$2.13
LAMP405 6.3V (Flasher) Min. Screw G-4 1/2$2.13
LAMP425 5v 0.5a Min.Scr.G 4 1/2$1.90
LAMP44 6.3V 0.25A Min Bay T-3 1/4$0.75
LAMP50 7.5V 0.22A Min. Screw G-3 1/2$1.42
LAMP51 7.5V 0.22A Min Bay G-3 1/2$1.01
LAMP53 14.4V 0.12A Min Bay G-3 1/2$1.05
LAMP55 7.0V 0.41A Min Bay G-4 1/2$1.35
LAMP605 6.15V 0.500A Min. Screw G-4 1/2$3.12
LAMP656 28.0V 0.060A Wedge T-3 1/4$1.28
LAMP657 28.0V 0.080A Wedge T-3 1/4$1.14
LAMP680 5.0V 0.060A Wire Term. T-1$2.56
LAMP683 CM683-ND 5v -.060amp T1$0.87
LAMP6ES 6.0V 0.040A Wire Term. T-2$1.85
LAMP6S6/145 145v 6w Candelabra S-6$3.21
LAMP6S6DC 120V 6W D.C.Bayonet S-6$2.56
LAMP7118 5.0V 0.115A Bi Pin (0.05") T-3/4$4.97
LAMP713 5.0V 0.075A Wire Term. T-1$4.26
LAMP7153 5.0V 0.115A Bi Pin ((O.05") T-3/4$4.97
LAMP715 5.0V 0.115A Wire Term. T-1$4.26
LAMP7193 5.0V 0.110A Wire Term. T-3/4$4.26
LAMP7241 18.0V 0.026A Sub Midget Flanged T-1$4.26
LAMP7327 28.0V 0.040A Bi Pin T-1 3/4$1.85
LAMP7344 10.0V 0.014A Bi Pin T-1 3/4$1.85
LAMP7370 18.0V 0.04A Bi Pin T-1 3/4$1.85
LAMP7377 6.3V 0.075A Bi Pin T-1 3/4$1.85
LAMP7382 14.0V 0.080A Bi Pin T-1 3/4$1.85
LAMP757 28.0V 0.080A Min Bay T-3 1/4$1.68
LAMP7628 6.0V 0.2A Bi Pin (0.05") T- 1/4$4.26
LAMP7646 14.0V 0.08A Bi Pin (0.05") T- 1/4$4.26
LAMP8-1092 18.0V 0.025A Wire Term. T- 3/4$3.12
LAMP81 6.5V 1.02A S.C.Bayonet G-6$2.13
LAMP82 6.5V 1.02A D.C.Bayonet G-6$2.13
LAMP8627 28.0V 0.04A Wire Term. T-1 1/4$2.84
LAMP8666 5.0V 0.08A Wire Term. T- 3/4$4.62
LAMP87 6.8V 1.91A S.C.Bayonet S-8$2.13
LAMP93 12.8V 1.04A SC Bay S-8$1.87
LAMP94 12.8V 1.04A D.C.Bayonet S-8$2.13
LAMPBRL 50W microscope lamp$12.47
LAMPFCR 100W microscope lamp$9.74
LAMPGILFORD Gilford Visible Lamp Assy DY$17.18
LAMPPR13 3.7V 0.3A SC Min Flg B-3 1/2$0.71
LAMPPR2 lamp 2.38V 0.50A SC Min Flg B-3 1/2$0.31
LEDHLMP-1700 HLMP-1700 High Bright, T-1, 2 mA$0.20
LEDLT-1028 LT-1028 infra-red LED 940 nm T1$0.48
LEDLT-1030 LT-1030 IR photo xsistor T1 matches LT1028$0.51
LEDMV5474C MV5474C Green diffused$0.31
LEDNSC004 NSC004 Ring and clip NSC004$0.09
LEDP300 P300 Red diffused$0.31
O-RING232 Buna N O-ring 2.75"ID, 3.0"OD$0.24
O-RING233 Buna N, 2.875"ID, 3.125"OD$0.24
O-RING237 O-ring, EPDM$1.24
O-RING240 Buna N, 3.75'ID, 4"OD$0.34
O-RING3044K62 Urethane O-ring, 1/8" x 9", clear$3.48
OUTLET STRIP28-5535 6 outlet, surge suppressor power strip$14.73
POT3006P Bourns 15T trimpot$2.68
POT364P,W,X,Y Clarostat 25T trimpot$4.35
POWER SUPPLYP33-T +/- 15V ps 100mA, 0.2% reg.$96.33
POWER SUPPLYP34-T +/-15V, 200MA, 0.2% reg.$128.99
POWER SUPPLYP35-T +/-15V 350ma 0.2%reg$150.29
POWER SUPPLYP37-T 5V, 500mA$63.70
POWER SUPPLYP38-T 5V, 1A$93.52
POWER SUPPLYP39-T 5V, 2A$134.03
PRESS.SENSORSDX05G2 SenSym 0-5psi pressure sensor$37.28
RESISTOR-CAR5% 1/2W 1-4.7M Carbon film resistor, 1/2W, 5%$0.09
RESISTOR-CAR5% 1/4W 1-4.7M Carbon film resistor, 1/4W, 5%$0.03
RESISTOR-CAR5% 1/4W 5M-22M Newark values Digikey doesn't carry$0.18
RESISTOR-MF1% 1/4W 10-1M $0.07
RESISTOR-MOXMOX-200-100M 100Meg 1% Victoreen$3.08
RESISTOR-MOXMOX-200-10M 10Meg 1%, Victoreen$2.31
SCR25TTS08 16A, 800V SCR$2.68
SCRCR3CM-12 Powerex, sensitive gate,600V,3A, SCR$2.64
SCREC103D SCR, 0.8A 400V sensitive gate$0.75
SCRMCR103 SCR, 0.8A 60V$0.62
SCRMCR106-1 SCR, 4A 30V Motorola$0.98
SCRMCR106-6 SCR, 4A 400V Motorola$0.77
SCRNTE5418 SCR, 400V, 10A$3.54
SCRNTE5419 SCR,10A 600V, TO220 isolated tab,$4.52
SCRNTE5437 SCR, 400V, 8A, sensitive gate, TO-220$3.24
SCRNTE5455 SCR, 4A 200V (GEMR-5 equiv)$1.99
SCRNTE5457 SCR, 4A 400V sensitive gate$2.78
SCRNTE5466 SCR, 10A 600v TO220$6.32
SCRS2600D SCR, 7A 500V$2.40
SCRS2800D SCR, 8A, 400V, TO-220AB pkg$1.25
SCRS2800M SCR, 10A, 600V (obsolete NTE5466)$2.39
SCRS6008L SCR, 600V 8A isolated tab$1.76
SCRSK3571 SCR, sensitive gate, equiv s2061,$5.96
SCREW4-40 X 1 NYL FH nylon flathead screw 4-40x1$0.07
SCREW4-40X3/4 NYL FH nylon flathead screw 4-40x3/4$0.07
SCREW6-32 X 1 NYL FH nylon flathead screw 6-32x1$0.09
SCREW6-32X3/4 NYL FH nylon flathead screw 6-32x3/4$0.09
SCREWFLTHD M4 X 16 metric flathead M4 x 16$0.07
SCREWFLTHD M4 X 20 metric flathead M4 x 20$0.10
SCREWPANHD M3 X 4 pan head, metric M3x4$0.04
SCREWPANHD M3 X 6 pan head metric M3x6$0.04
SCREWPANHD M4 X 10 pan head metric M4x10$0.06
SCREWPANHD M4 X 16 pan head metric M4x16$0.07
SCREWPANHD M4 X 20 Pan head, metric M4x20$0.06
SCREWPANHD M4 X 25 Pan head, metric M4 x 25$0.07
SHRINK TUBEFIT-221-1 1/2 1.5" Heat Shrinkable Tubing per 6" Length$2.49
SHRINK TUBEFIT-221-1/16 1/16" shrink tube price per 6"$0.61
SHRINK TUBEFIT-221-1/2 1/2" shrink tube price per 6"$1.14
SHRINK TUBEFIT-221-1/4 1/4" shrink tube price per 6"$0.45
SHRINK TUBEFIT-221-1 1" shrink tube Alpha FIT per 6"$1.76
SHRINK TUBEFIT-221-3/16 3/16" shrink tube price per 6"$0.82
SHRINK TUBEFIT-221-3/4 3/4" shrink tube price per 6"$1.16
SHRINK TUBEFIT-221-3/64 3/64" shrink tube price per 6"$0.54
SHRINK TUBEFIT-221-3/8 3/8" shrink tube price per 6"$0.45
SHRINK TUBEFPS-006 - 3/32 3/32 " shrink tube price per 6"$0.28
SHRINK TUBEFPS-008 - 1/8 1/8" shrink tube price per 6"$0.28
SOCKET3-LPS-B TRW/Cinch TO-5 xsistor/IC skt 10 pin-obsolete$1.38
SOCKET8058-1G32 8 pin rnd,Augat,pc term$6.46
SOCKET8058-1G49 8 pin rnd,Augat,solder term$6.46
SOCKET8080-1G3 Augat TO-3 transistor$0.92
SOCKETA208 ST SIP socket(25) w/ mach pins$3.51
SOCKETA209 WW SIP socket(25) w/mach pins$9.23
SOCKETA401-ND Socket, 14 pin round soldertail$1.11
SOCKETA402-ND Socket, 16 pin round soldertail$1.26
SOCKETCX34 Ceramic lamp socket w leads$6.75
SOCKETED7064 ST SIP socket (64) Mill-Max$4.10
SOCKETQCX34 ceramic lamp socket$8.52
SOCKETQRX6.35 miniature ceramic 2 pin$7.54
SOCKETR32 Vector wire wrap socket pin$0.60
SOCKET ADPTRA102 14 pin Comp.Holder$2.34
SOCKET ADPTRA103 16 Pin Comp.Holder$2.56
SOCKET ADPTRA115 25 pos strip component adapter$3.10
SOCKET-DIP14 PIN ST Low profile, AMP, A9314$0.09
SOCKET-DIP14 PIN WW 14 pin, 2 level ww socket$1.07
SOCKET-DIP16 PIN ST Low profile$0.13
SOCKET-DIP16 PIN WW 16 pin, 2 level ww socket$1.12
SOCKET-DIP18 PIN ST AMP 2-640358-1$0.23
SOCKET-DIP18 PIN WW ICN-183-WA-T, Rob Nug, 2-lev$1.15
SOCKET-DIP20 PIN ST 20 pin solder-tab$0.94
SOCKET-DIP20 PIN WW ICN-203-WATG, 2-lev$1.36
SOCKET-DIP22 PIN ST TI, C9822$0.88
SOCKET-DIP22 PIN WW ICN-223-WBTG, 3-lev obsolete$1.07
SOCKET-DIP24 PIN ST Ti, C9824$2.04
SOCKET-DIP24 PIN WW ICN-246-WAT, 2-lev obsolete$1.33
SOCKET-DIP28 PIN WW ICN-286-WAT, 2-lev, Rob Nug, obsolete$1.75
SOCKET-DIP40 PIN ST A9340$0.30
SOCKET-DIP40 PIN WW ICN-406-WA-T, 2-lev obsolete$1.82
SOCKET-DIP8 PIN ST 8 pin solder tail socket$0.17
SOCKET-DIP8 PIN WW 8 pin, 2 level ww socket$0.78
SPACER1902C Nylon spacer, 1/2 " 4-40$0.48
SPACER2203 1/2 inch, hex, 4-40$0.34
SPACER2302 1/2 inch, hex, #6 hole$0.28
SPACER2382 1/2 inch, hex, #4 hole$0.28
SPACER2384 1 inch, hex, #4 hole$0.50
SPACER25-406 1/4" x 3/16", 4-40 hex spacer$0.14
SPACER3/4 X 4-40 3/4 inch, hex, 4-40$0.70
SPACER3023 3/4 hinged, 6-32$0.91
SPACER3403 1/8 inch, rnd, #6 hole Keystone$0.16
SPACER8216 1/4 inch, 4-40, m-f$0.45
SPACER8401 1/4 inch, hex, 4-40$0.18
SPACER8407 1 inch, hex, 4-40$0.36
SPACER8421 1/4 inch, hex, 6-32$0.18
SPACER8425 3/4 inch, hex, 6-32,$0.51
SPACER8427 1 inch, hex, 6-32$0.31
SPACER8429 1.5 inch, hex, 6-32$0.50
SPACER8527 1 inch, hex, #8 hole$0.50
SPACER8700 1/8 inch, rnd, #4 hole$0.18
SPACER9145 1/8 inch, hex, 4-40$0.18
SPACEREL-FEMALE 3/16 x 1/4 w 4-40 stud-3/8$0.23
SPACERHTA-6-500A 1/2 inch, hex, 6-32$0.27
SPACERRTA-4-1500 1.5 inch, rnd, 4-40$0.71
SPACERSPACER W/STUD 1/4H x 3/16W spacer with 4-40 stud$0.14
SW ALCOMTA-106D Alco SPDT min. gold$4.66
SW ALCOMTA-106G Alco SPDT (on)-off-(on)$6.69
SW ALCOMTA-206N Alco DPDT on-none-on$7.36
SW ALCOMTA-206P Alco DPDT, on-off-on$8.05
SW ALCOMTA-206S Alco DPDT, (on)-off-(on)$10.62
SW C&K8121 pb C&K 8121SHZGE$7.03
SW C&KA11215RNZQ C&K plastic rotary 1pol 12pos$5.23
SW ROCKERPRASA1-16F-BB00 rocker sw, black 13 x 19mm$0.91
SW ROCKERPRBSA1-16F-BB00 Tyco rocker SPST, 13.8 x 27.6mm mtg$0.91
SWITCH2X547 linecord switch spst 3A$3.56
TAPE33 3M black vinyl tape, 52ft$5.45
TERMINAL505-199-MT SPC solder lug, #8 hole$0.11
TERMINALCBS-TV-1804 31N532 insul. spade 0.25", #4, 18-22 AWG$0.17
TERMINALCBS-TV-1806 insul. spade, 0.30", #6$0.17
TERMINALCBS-TV-1808 insul. crimp spade terminal, #8, 0.30", 18-22 ga$0.18
TERMINALCBS-ZV-1806 insul. crimp spade, #6 stud, 18-22ga, .25" wide$0.28
TERMINALCFS-DF-1818 QC terminal, 3/16"$0.44
TERMINALCFS-TF-1425 insul. crimp terminal 1/4" fem. QC, 14-16 ga$0.31
TERMINALCFS-TF-1825 insul. fem. 1/4", quick connect, 18-22ga$0.28
TERMINALCFS-TO-1418-HT Female quick disconnect .187 .$0.16
TERMINALCRIMP TERMINAL uninsulated crimp terminals$0.10
TERMINALCRS-DY-1806 insul. ring, #6, 31N219$0.27
TERMINALRING TONGUE uninsul.ring tongue terminal #4,#6 stud$0.09
TRANSISTOR2N1132 SPNP gen pur$1.66
TRANSISTOR2N2060 SNPN match pr sense amps$5.11
TRANSISTOR2N2480 SNPN match pr$3.83
TRANSISTOR2N2484 SNPN gen pur$0.70
TRANSISTOR2N2647 Unij$1.36
TRANSISTOR2N2913 $3.55
TRANSISTOR2N2924 SNPN gen pur$0.92
TRANSISTOR2N2925 SNPN gen pur$0.43
TRANSISTOR2N3054 SNPN pwr$2.61
TRANSISTOR2N3055 SNPN pwr$1.25
TRANSISTOR2N3392 SNPN gen pur$0.36
TRANSISTOR2N3393 SNPN gen pur$0.38
TRANSISTOR2N3394 SNPN gen pur$0.36
TRANSISTOR2N3414 SNPN gen pur$0.36
TRANSISTOR2N3415 SNPN gen pur$0.38
TRANSISTOR2N3441 SNPN pwr$2.13
TRANSISTOR2N3444 SNPN gen pur$0.00
TRANSISTOR2N3715 SNPN pwr$2.02
TRANSISTOR2N3740 PNP Si 60V 25W$4.02
TRANSISTOR2N3772 SNPN pwr$3.14
TRANSISTOR2N3773 NPN Power$4.02
TRANSISTOR2N3902 SNPN 400V 100W,$6.02
TRANSISTOR2N3903 NPN gen. purp. amp 40V, 100mA$0.53
TRANSISTOR2N4348 SNPN pwr$3.69
TRANSISTOR2N4392 JFET n-channel$1.70
TRANSISTOR2N4399 SPNP pwr$5.75
TRANSISTOR2N4920 SPNP gen pur$2.20
TRANSISTOR2N5038 Hi pwr switching$9.46
TRANSISTOR2N5068 SNPN pwr$0.71
TRANSISTOR2N5172 SNPN gen pur$0.13
TRANSISTOR2N5249 SNPN gen pur$0.30
TRANSISTOR2N5298 SNPN pwr$1.05
TRANSISTOR2N5400 SPNP gen pur$0.45
TRANSISTOR2N5882 SNPN 15A 160W$2.68
TRANSISTOR2N6027 Unij$0.38
TRANSISTOR2N6028 Unij$0.48
TRANSISTOR2N6251 SNPN pwr$8.39
TRANSISTOR2N6282 NPN darlington 20A$4.88
TRANSISTOR2N6388 2N6388 NPN Darlington$0.92
TRANSISTOR2N6427 NPN Darlington 40v - 100ma$0.72
TRANSISTOR2N6531 Darlington$2.49
TRANSISTOR2N6740 NPN 400V 8A 80W T220$2.39
TRANSISTOR2N7000 N-MOSFET, 60Vds logic level switch$0.17
TRANSISTOR2SC1172B NPN 1500V 7A 100W T03$8.52
TRANSISTOR2SC1922 NPN 1500V 2.5A 50W 4MHz$5.68
TRANSISTOR2SC2373 NPN 200V 7.5A 40W$2.13
TRANSISTOR3N128 Insl gate N-ch MOSFET$3.27
TRANSISTORBU2520DF Transistor$6.66
TRANSISTORBU406 Horz. Osc, Video monitors$2.83
TRANSISTORBU407D Horiz out 7A 300V 60W T220$2.34
TRANSISTORBUW12A NPN 8A 400V 125W T218$3.62
TRANSISTORIRF740A Hexfet N channel$2.47
TRANSISTORMAT-01H Monolithic Dual Transistor, PMI$7.10
TRANSISTORMJ1000 SNPN gen pur$2.12
TRANSISTORMJ11012 Darlington (Dade cell washer)$8.43
TRANSISTORMJ12005 SNPN pwr 8A 1500V 100W$6.59
TRANSISTORMJ13335 NPN pwr (NTE386)$25.70
TRANSISTORMJ16010 NPN 15A 450V 175W TO3$7.43
TRANSISTORMJ2500 SPNP Darlington$4.80
TRANSISTORMJ3000 SNPN Darlington$3.93
TRANSISTORMJ4035 darlington in dc flour. light box$7.13
TRANSISTORMJ900 SPNP gen pur$2.40
TRANSISTORMJE1090 SPNP Darlington pwr$5.42
TRANSISTORMJE13005 NPN sw pwr$2.17
TRANSISTORMJE13007 Horiz def 700V 8A$2.56
TRANSISTORMJE13009 NPN 400V 12A 100W T220$3.29
TRANSISTORMJE340 SNPN pwr (compl MJE350)$1.39
TRANSISTORMJE350 SPNP pwr (compl MJE340)$2.27
TRANSISTORMJE700 SPNP Darlington pwr$1.96
TRANSISTORMJE800 SNPN Darlington pwr$1.31
TRANSISTORMJE8503 NPN 800V 5A 80W T220$6.43
TRANSISTORMJE9780 PNP Power , Deflection amp, T220$1.99
TRANSISTORMPSA13 SNPN Darlington gen pur$0.26
TRANSISTORMU4892 Unij$1.39
TRANSISTORMU4893 Unij$1.15
TRANSISTORMU4894 Unij$1.25
TRANSISTORNTE102 GPNP AF (sub for 2N3427)$4.86
TRANSISTORNTE127 GPNP horiz/vert 40W$21.44
TRANSISTORNTE157 SNPN equiv to MJE340$3.27
TRANSISTORNTE159 SPNP (2N4299, PN4299)$2.33
TRANSISTORNTE165 NPN pwr horiz 1500V 6A$19.17
TRANSISTORNTE171 NPN 300V 0.1A 6.25W$7.31
TRANSISTORNTE262 PNP 100V 8A 65W T220$3.62
TRANSISTORNTE287 SNPN gen pur$1.36
TRANSISTORNTE293 NPN 60V 1.5A 1W gain 120$2.61
TRANSISTORNTE391 SPNP hi speed sw (TIP34C)$1.75
TRANSISTORNTE55 SPNP power - T220$4.10
TRANSISTORSK3021 SNPN AF Pwr (equiv to 2N3583)$2.97
TRANSISTORSK3027 SNPN pwr (40251)$4.79
TRANSISTORSK3444 SNPN AF/RF (equiv 2N2501)$9.37
TRANSISTORSK3947 (2N625)$10.58
TRANSISTORSK9440 SNPN gen pur (MJ4035)$10.00
TRANSISTORTDA1675A Vertical video processor$4.25
TRANSISTORTIP115 PNP 2A 60V Darlington$2.13
TRANSISTORTIP127 PNP 5A 100v Darlington T220$1.07
TRANSISTORU0207A0220 Used in Sonicator W-385$37.45
TRIACMAC 16M triac 600V, 16A, sensitive gate TO-220$1.18
TRIACQ2004LT Quadrac isolated 4amp - 200v$1.28
TRIACQ4008L4 Teccor isolated 8.0A 400V$2.02
TRIACQ4008LT Quadrac, Isolated 400V/8amp$2.27
TRIACQ4015L5 triac isolated 15A 400V$1.92
TRIACQ6015L6 Alternister, 600V/15amp T220$3.29
TRIACSC240D G.E. 6A 400V stud type$7.46
TRIACT2302B 2.5A 200V sensitive gate (40529)$1.21
TRIACT2800D 8A 400V$1.82
TRIACT2850D 8A 400V isolated flange$3.79
TRIACT4700B 15A 200V$2.49
TRIACTIC236D 12A 400V,$2.09
WIRE1012408 8 cond. 24ga, foil shld, Dearborn$0.67
WIRE1218C Alpha 1218C 8 cond, 24 ga, shielded$0.92
WIRE1588A Belden 1588A 2 pr cat.5 solid 24 ga.$0.11
WIRE19122 Belden 19122 lamp cord,2 cond #18$0.27
WIRE19401 19401 shielded power cord$0.64
WIRE1W661 16/3 SJOW-A electric power cord$0.30
WIRE250-3804-0000 Low-noise coax, Malco(Microdot)$0.77
WIRE250-3836-0000 Triaxial cable, Malco(Microdot)$0.75
WIRE3M1700/40 40 cond. twisted pair ribbon$1.60
WIRE8012 Belden 8012 Bus Wire #14 solid$0.27
WIRE8013 Belden 8013 Bus Wire #16 solid$0.23
WIRE8019 Belden Bus 8019 Wire #18$0.21
WIRE8020 Belden 8020 Bus Wire #20$0.16
WIRE8021 Belden 8021 Bus Wire #22$0.13
WIRE8205 Belden 8205 2 cond 02F4294$0.37
WIRE8216 Belden 8216 RG-174/U$0.28
WIRE8259 Belden 8259 RG-58A/U coax$0.33
WIRE8428 Belden 8428 2 #18 shielded$1.59
WIRE8429 Belden 8429 phono cable 2 cond #32 shielded$0.36
WIRE8444 Belden 8444 4 cond #22$0.23
WIRE8504 Belden 8504 #24 (7x32)$0.38
WIRE8523 Belden 8523 #20 vinyl$0.23
WIRE8530 Belden 8530 #22 solid vinyl$0.18
WIRE8643 Belden 8643 3 cond #30 str. shielded$0.54
WIRE8762 Belden 8762 2 #20/shield$0.30
WIRE8898 Belden 8898 test prod #18 str, 10 KV, OD = 0.23"$0.64
WIRE8899 Belden 8899 test prod #18,5KV,0.144"OD$0.91
WIRE8917 Belden 8917 #16 stranded$0.34
WIRE8918 Belden 8918 18 gauge stranded$0.33
WIRE91233 flat braid, 5/8" Dearborn 91233$1.55
WIRE9222 Belden 9222 Triax cable$0.97
WIRE9259 Belden 9259 RG59$0.20
WIRE9269 Belden 9269 RG62 coax$0.16
WIRE9492 Belden 9492 3 cond #20 str$0.51
WIRE9501 Belden 9501 1 pr shielded, 24 ga$0.14
WIRE9502 wire, Belden 9502 2 pr shielded, 24 ga$0.53
WIRE9503 Belden 9503 3 pair #24 str shielded$0.84
WIREFLAT 34 COND 34 cond. ribbon cable$0.38
WIREFLAT 50 COND. Ribbon cable, grey, 50 cond.$1.07
WIREM54767 2 pr category 5 UTP, Mohawk M54767$0.21
WIRENMUF2/30-4046SJ NMUF2/30-4046-SJ,2 cond shld$6.94
WIREPLATINUM 0.010 platinum wire 0.010" (30 ga) per inch$2.17
WIRER027-ND Ribbon cable 40 cond$0.78
WIRETELCO-FLAT 4 Telco flat 4 cond$0.06
WIRETELCO-FLAT 6 Telco flat 6 cond$0.09
WIREW406 W406 6 cond #24 overall shield$0.40
WIREW506-10-ND W506-10 10 cond #22 w shield$0.33